Sunday, 6 December 2009

Dr. Wallpaper and Beetroot soup

Hi there, I love it when the weather and my body contradict me and my anouncements! When I got up yesterday morning, we had fabulous sunshine (but it was breath cloud cold) and fine legs. Unfortunately I didn't have time to run, because we had to drive to my grandma's house to repaper her kitchen.
Here are some pics of yesterday. Enjoy.

I took those pictures before we started with repapering the kitchen. Originally the weather was better, but my grandma lives 1 1/2 driving hours in a small village and they mostly have different weather from us. But the sun still showed several times. In the evening it rained. So I had no guilty feeling then.

Now, now, the repapering. First of all let me present: Dr. Wallpaper (my dad) preparing for the good deed.

And now Dr. Wallpaper (Dad) and his fancy, extremely goodlooking assistent (me) repapering the ceiling:

(Pictures taken by mom.)
At 6 o'clock in the evening the whole kitchen was looking shiny new and my grandma gave us big hugs and eloquent thank you's.

Mampf Diary Saturday:
BF: 350 ml chocolate protein shake, 1 golden kiwi (I love them)
Lunch: diced turkey with mushrooms and Brussels sprouts (Have a look at the picture) cooked by my mom
Dinner: 1 Dream Apple, 1 golden kiwi and a butter roll late at night (I know! But I was hungry and had forgotten that I had a bag of nuts left. )
Snacks: 1 boiled egg

Now, let's get to something really tasty and not really paelithic, todays lunch:

Beetroot Soup!

Now before you keel over, I never liked beetroot, but this soup is delicious. I mean look at it!

It's delicious, I've got the recipe from a former flatmate (Thanks Julia!) and changed it a tiny bit, to accomodate it more to the paleo diet.

Ingredients for 3 persons:
1 kg of pre-cooked beetroot
2 onions
1 lemon
200 ml cocos milk (as a substitute for the dairy versions, it actually gives the taste a nice twist, yummy) or sour cream or creme fraiche
some spices you like (BTW go for organic spices. Spices are dried and this means everything is in higher concentration, including toxins and pesticids. So make sure they are organic.)
Olive oil, vegetable broth, Water, fresh Parsley if you like.

Utensils: Pot, stove, a blender, spoons, knife, apron, goggles, radio or iPod or other mp3-player (are there others? ;-)

Preparation (ca. 1 hour for the first time):

Dice the beetroots and onions (don't have to be neat or small, you'll blend them anyway) and sauté them in some olive oil. The temperature shouldn't be too high, if the olive oil starts to fume it's way too hot.

Get some vegetable broth to boiling or water (ca. 500-1000 ml) and give it over the sautéing beetroot-onion-mix. If you used just water get the mixture to boiling before you put in the vegetable broth powder (couldn't find the right english expression). Spice it with pepper and other spices you like. Then you let the whole soup simmer for about 10 minutes.

Time for the blending. Before you do it, let the soup cool down a bit, you don't want to melt your blender! And since beetroot stains are a nightmare, don't wear your best white dress or anything remotely lighter than black and get an apron or something like it.
This is what a blending master in mom's 20 years old apron looks like:


Now blend it carefully, till it's smooth.

Now you can add the juice of the lemon, blend it again. Time for the cocos milk or your dairy product of choice.

The hand belongs to my mom.

Blend it again. Season to taste again. If need be reheat it. And then serve it with parsley or basil.

Enjoy your beetroot soup.

Oh, it's getting late and dark. Time for my 15 km Sunday training march.

Keep Running.

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