Friday, 11 December 2009

Just found these quotes

at Tri Diesel's Blog. I had to laugh so hard. You probably know his blog and these quotes, but I want share them anyway.

"If God invented marathons to keep people from doing anything more stupid, triathlon must have taken him completely by surprise." ~ P.Z. Pearce

And his avatar quote (This one is so ME):
"I am so far behind, I thought I was FIRST"

My race history so far:
10 k 2006 -> second last
10k 2007 -> second last
half marathon 2008 -> nineth last
Schluchseelauf (approx 19 k) 2008 -> sixth last
And a forecast if I might:
Leipzig Marathon April 25th, 2010 -> under the first one hundred, but LAST (under 100 women running)

Hello to my new follower. Glad to have you.



  1. Hey there - thanks for the comment on my blog! :) Keep up the great work - it does not matter where you place...just as long as you're growing, learning, having fun in the process...etc etc etc. (Okay - a bit cliche, I know. So sorry). I haven't ever written this on my blog - but a long long time ago at my state high school cross country running meet, I finished last. Completely last. And it wasn't even close. I had the golf car "sweeper" behind me the entire way... I was so embarrassed while running down the finishing chute... I was getting all the sympathetic cheers. In the end though, it worked out okay. I wasn't any worse for the wear, and looking back, it was a time of growth. Or something like that :)

  2. Thank you for the shout out, glad someone finds my ranblings sorta entertaining