Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Mostly Pictures - Eye relaxation for you.

Since I wrote so much in my last posts, you'll get a lot of pictures in this post from me. This was a very nice day for me, I'll tell you at the end of this post.

As promised some pictures of Aurora, my bike. It's a mountain bike of 2001 I bought it in 2002, 200 € off.

The slimmer tires.

If I'd believe in signs I'd say this is one. The tires are called marathon.

Leipzig hasn't to be rainy in November there can be some beautiful sunshine days.

May I introduce you? The famous Trabant or short Trabbi, the Volkswagen of the former German Democratic Republic (1949-1989).

You still see the Trabbi in Leipzig, but you have to be lucky it's not an everyday occurrence. That day I saw 3 or 4 which is unusual. I still know the noise of its engine by heart. There were countless jokes about the Trabbi. A famous nickname of the Trabbi is "Rennpappe" = Racecardboard (Sounds better in German, doesn't it?), because the chassis is made of cardboard (a special kind).

I walked to the city today (5k one distance, so 11k over the whole day) because I had a dentists appointment for a deep cleaning. But I also got some other stuff.

This is my protein shake, I eat/drink/enjoy for breakfast. Its protein concentration isn't that high, but it tastes and blends best (in my opinion), and it is reasonably priced. This can contains 750g and lasts for about a month.

Aminoacids, which I will take after the hard training on Thursdays. I got them at my old health club, where I was a member about 8 or 9 years ago. And guess what!!! My spinning coach Heiko was there and remembered me!!! After nine years and with a totally different haircolor!!! I'm still excited about it and have to grin when I think about it.

The best running tight ever. That's what it should it be AT LEAST, going after the price I paid for it (110 €, which is sick). Since the temperatures dropped this week I needed to get thermal tights and that hasn't been easy. I've tried several pairs. Gore running wear is absolut crap, seams on the insight of the tights and at really uncomfortable places. (What were they thinking?) Odlo was slightly better, but the one they've got was too big for me. You know what really pisses me off? That there's not so much running wear for woman out there as should be. And winter tights are all for men, as if women don't run during the winter.

I scent a conspiracy! The male bosses of the sports gear companies are afraid of women catching up on men at the track. So they want to stop us, with offering only nice running wear for the summer. But we won't take it! No. We will run! In mens tights!!! Yes we can! ROFL. Finally I got my OWN conspiracy theory!

When I got home I was really hungry, but since I haven't been to the butcher I couldn't start out with making my lunch. Luckily I've got them:

Saver of my diet. Nuts in a bag. You have to love them. ;-)

This was my lunch: really paleolithic and so tasty. Afterwards I ate a small piece of chocolate from my christmas calendar. It was a house, yesterday it was a snowman.

Paleo that's my prompt. Paleo Diet is still working really well. I got on my scale this morning since I was curious if the non dairy would change something. And guess what, I've lost another 300g in the last 2 days. Wahoo. And I don't gave up chocolate, so I'm fine and content.

Off to the cinema with a friend of mine I go.


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