Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow, speed training and nutrition

No, I don't have the job yet. But if everything goes as they had planned I should be told today, if or if not. And the answering email from Tuesday was nice. I'll post the content of mine and theirs in the next post.

In the last few days it snowed a lot in Leipzig and gives it a real christmasly (does this word exist?) feeling. I still have to get some presents, even though I went shopping for them with my friend on Wednesday, but we did get distracted by earrings/necklaces and cosmetics. I even bought the Clinique holiday set, yeah I'm such a girl. So, I'll have to go again today and also finish that darned earring board for my friend.

Speed training
Yesterday was speedtraining and it snowed during the whole session. When I went to it, I had to wait for the street car and in front of the street lights the snow swirled in the air, it was stunningly beautiful, it looked like small diamonds flowing through the air. I wished I could have taken a picture for you. But I wouldn't have a clue how to take it. At least not with my Ixus.

Since I was too slow for the 6:30 group at the last training, I went with the fast beginners this time. And would you believe even them were too fast for me. They ran a 7:15 pace. And I couldn't keep up, because my friend asthma showed up for a long time no see. I guess it was the cold and the pace. So I fell back and ran my own pace back to the track. I got there and did my thing. The fast groups were on there and the slow beginners "group", which consisted of 2 girls. And yeah, they were to slow for me (the beginners, not the fast groups ;-). So I ran my own pace. What I found pretty interesting was, that I'm abled only on the track to control my pace to that extend that I stay under my anaerobe threshold for a whole hour. After that hour, I'll be running in the anaerob pulse no matter how slow I run. Bugger!

Yesterdays stats:
distance: approximately 7.5 km
time: 1:08:54 hr
in zone: 45:50 min. !!!! That is the best result ever. Does that mean I have to do all my training on the track?!!!
heartrate: 153 bpm

After the training I took my aminoacids. Yuk! But they do really help. I don't have sore muscles today.

Sunday will be the next long run/march. 20 km!! Thankfully a friend of mine will accompany me on the first half. She hasn't been training in the last few months and so isn't abled to do the whole distance. :.-( Which is sad, because I tend to get crazy on the last 2 km. I just want to sit down and wait for someone to pick me up. So I start to sing stuff off key and with no connection to the music I listen to. Or putting in little dancing steps or moves. And that is when I do 15 km, how crazy is this going to get when I do the 20?! HELP! Anyone?

Athletes Nutrition!
I read something really interesting a few days ago. We endurance athletes take 19% of our energy from proteins. Which means if you train or race an hour and you burn about 800 calories(I don't, but maybe you.), 19% of them, which are approximately 150 calories, come from proteins. That are 38g of protein per hour. Now think about how long an Ironman is! How much proteins you burn then, you literally burn your own muscles!!!
And what do we do before, during and after the big race? Shoveling carbohydrates in our mouths. No wonder that you need to rest for weeks afterwards and feel like you don't have any muscles at all at your first time back on the treadmill or bike or pool. (I never did an Ironman or triathlon, so I can exclude me here.) Because you didn't replace the burned protein! Endurance sports means burning fat and proteins, you don't need pasta, bread or waffles to race!
Get's one thinking, huh?

Oh, and I just found out, the New Years Run in Leipzig will be!! Yeah. Do you run a New Years Run?


Ps: Welcome official reader No. 5.


  1. Yep, I'm back on the protein and veg wagon after 12/31/09....I gotta enjoy my Christmas cookies;)

    My asthma is kicking my ass right now too. It doesn't bother me often but the cold is really getting to me!

  2. Nice job! I don't miss living in cold but around Christmas all the snow is so beautiful - enjoy!

  3. - Congrats on the track workout

    - I still havent bought one thing yet for xmas, I am asking for punishment

    - Interesting stuff about the protein, have you ever notice that people who are long time marathoners or long distance triathteletes all have that super slim built with no muscle. To me, it doesnt look healthy, skinny as a rail.

  4. good workout yesterday! I find the cold makes it a little harder to keep HR in proper check. good info on nutrition, trying to figure mine out! cheers

  5. I am not sure if you read my latest post on nutrition? Tell me what you think!!!