Friday, 11 December 2009

Working on it...

Okay, so this week I got off track in more than one way. I ate wrong, I shifted training and I did other stuff than I should have.

To get back on track I've made a deal with myself. For every day I eat a proper Paleo Diet I pay 1 € in my earring/makeup glass jar.

For every proper training session I pay 2 € in my earring/makeup glass jar. And for every application I pay myself 10 €. This way I can get myself some treats that don't contradict my goals and go along my new obsessions (benefit cosmetics and earrings).

This was my lunch on Monday, the last proper Paleo one. It's been plaice filet with spinach. Tasty, fast and healthy. I'll replace the plaice with salmon today.

As my body still isn't all right, I'll shift the training again. :-( I'm not happy about it, but you've got to go with your body otherwise you'll get into trouble. The problems might be related to my wrong eating this week. So I hope that I'm okay by tomorrow and get to run then.

Keep running.

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