Wednesday, 23 December 2009

I think I'm going crazy

When it comes to racing my confidence in my body is boasting at the moment. And I haven't got a clue where it comes from. Certainly not from my training results, they're as bad as ever. :-( Don't ask me about todays "speed" training. I ended up marching, because my calves couldn't handle running in the snow. Things like this should shatter my confidence, but no...

Yesterday, when I looked up some tri races, I read about a half ironman race. Funnily enough, I saw the distances and thought: "Well, why not go for this in June instead of the tiny one. I could totally do it."
Uhuh?! Think again girl. I haven't run a whole 10 k in months! But I want to go half ironman on my first tri ever only 6 weeks after my first marathon ever. And this in, oh let's see, 22 weeks! It's official I guess, I'm bloody crazy! And let's not forget the swimming or better the not-swimming in the last few years. If I remember right the last time I swam was 2 1/2 years ago. But yeah, I'll go half ironman in June 2010. HA.

Not gonna happen in 2010. First I need to be a lot better on endurance and then in speed before I can even think of a half ironman. And did I mention that I need to learn freestyle first. There is a lot to do before I go long. And let's face it, even a half distance Ironman is loooooooonnnngggg for me in my current state of (un)fitness.

Just needed to share this, I certainly can't talk about something like this to my family or my friends. They have a hard time already to understand this marathon thing. To them? I am already a nutcase.

Keep running.

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  1. I truely believe you can do it

    Work on your endurance, the speed will come

    Hire a swim coazh, trust me, its money well spent

    Good luck, you will rock