Tuesday, 8 December 2009

New Look and my first miss..

I thought it was about time to give this blog a new look and some new features. In the sidebar you'll find such interesting things as: my weeks training schedule, my weekly weight shed (no, I don't lose weight, I shed it!) and my run / marched distances in km. (Have you recognised my sarcasm? Find it.)

I haven't trained today and I can't give you a good reason for it. The weather sucked and I had other things occupying my mind so I shifted my 12 km to tomorrow.

Yesterday on the other hand, we've had fabulous weather so I went on a bike ride to get some nice pictures of Leipzig for you. I took a lot and I will share them with you in the next weeks, there is no point in having 60 pics in one post.

First the speed trainings Start and Finish:

This is where we started with the first 1000 m leg last Thursday.

And this is the finish for the 1000 m. The stairs lead up to the central stadium of Leipzig. After the 3 min trot this is the start for the second, fourth, sixth and eighth leg of the Speedtraining.

Leipzigs new town hall and the skyscraper.

Though it looks like a medieval castle, the townhall was build from 1899 till 1905. So it's quite young. The old one was build in 1556/1557. (We've got 2! town halls in Leipzig.)

Rowing in December, you wouldn't think this is possible. But thanks to climate change...

Let's hope our leaders find their courage and decide something useful in Copenhagen this week.
It was marvelous to watch this man, his moves were fluid and really graceful.

And even though it was just 3 PM, we had a wonderful "sunset". (Well the sun didn't set until 4 PM, but it sure looks like a sunset to me.)

That's it for today.

(If only I would. *cringe*)

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