Monday, 14 December 2009

Interview at little town

- What a mess! This day was totally off.

Okay, so I went there by train and because of the shitty schedule of Deutsche Bahn I was there at 10:19 AM which was 2:40 hrs before my appointment. It was freezing cold but I took the time and walked around a bit and had a look at the shops. There was a travel agency opening today. After about an hour I had seen all that there is to see including ramshackle houses. And went into the bakery/café at 11:30 AM at the market and had a peppermint tea to get warm again. My feet were ice blocks by then.

The tea was really good though. 1 point for little town.

15 minutes before my appointment I went over to the city hall, which looks really nice. From the outside! When you get in there is a hall with a big double door at the end of it and two doors on the sides, one left and one right. In this hall you'll see only a small message board with official information. At the doors to your left and your right you don't find any door plates same goes for the double door. So on I went trough the double door at the end of the hall...
I thought I had traveled back through time 25 years ago, back to GDR. Imagine my shock. Miserable lighting, yellowed old-fashioned (I don't mean nice vintage ones!) boards with names and room numbers, barely readable. A shabby rug. It took me a few seconds to figure out, that the office to which I had to go was on the first floor. I took the stairs and the nightmare continued.

When I got to the first floor, there wasn't any direction sign, on which side of the landing the mayors office is. I had to walk to one door and read the tiny door plates to find out who resided in which office. This town has a lot of elderly persons, you'd think the municipality would cater better to their ability of reading small letters or inability in this case. The lighting was as miserable as downstairs. On the walls were some dull and not memorable pictures. There was a "display", a rack, overflowing with brochures. This rack was designed to hold books, not to display brochures, which means that the brochures were restin flat, which gives you a hard time to have a look at the ones on the top shelf. And that are obviously the ones, which were forgotten by time. There was an event schedule from 2006 and even worse a heap of brochures on casualty insurance dating back to 1998!!! Besides that the display was totally cluttered, there was no order, like brochures on topic A on this shelf and topic B on the other shelf. You wouldn't find what could be interesting for you. I was so shocked and still am. And did I mention the crappy lighting.

Then I was called in for the interview. There were three men and one woman. The town mayor, his second in command, the human resources "manager" and I don't remember what the function of the third man was, exept for the greeting and goodbye he never said a word. Now the interview went along. I didn't make a good job on hiding my shock about this town and its problems, because the mayor said I didn't leave a good hair on his town! hihi. Well, I thought I was pretty nice to them, considering that I only stated the fact that they don't have a cinema, which is an important factor for me (I go to the movies at least once a week, now that I'm back in Leipzig, 3 or 4 times aren't a prob for me either). The interview was over after 50 minutes, so I had another 1 3/4 hours in this town and went back to the café until 3 PM. Since the train station has no warm waiting room. (Why would you need one?) And as I said it was FREEZING outside.

(Nah, it wasn't that bad, but I thought this picture to be pretty amazing. Found it here:
I got on my train and slept on my way back to Leipzig. I was back home at 5:30 PM.

You wanna know how off this day was for me?! Here is todays Mampf Diary to give you a clue, in this order I ate:
1 protein shake, 2 golden kiwis, 1 cinnamon-raisin bagel, 1 chocolate bagel, 1 éclair, 1 cinnamon-raisin bagel, 1 big mac, 3 toasts with liverwurst, 1 toast with marmelade, 2 golden kiwis, 2 slides of fresh bread with butter and salt , 2 pieces of chocolate. But I didn't eat the cookies that came with the tea! Tough, eh?

I'm so not going on the scale tomorrow! ;-)

Keep rolling, ahem, running.


  1. HAHA, at least you were honest!!! Didnt sugar coat it like most people probably would have. I bet you will get the job because of it!!