Monday, 28 December 2009

Good news post! (edit)

Hi everyone.
The new track training definitely works. I've got sore leg muscles. It's weird, but I'm glad about it.
Today, I'll eat a lot of protein, to help my muscles to recover. Chris will run track with me tomorrow. I'll look up the Runners ABC later, then we can start with it tomorrow too.

Today is Monday, so it's SCAL(R)E DAY.
I don't know how you ate on your holidays, but I ate too much and mostly bad stuff. Which would normally mean that I gain weight.


San proudly presents her AFTER-X-MAS-WEIGHT-STATS:
Weight: 63,5 kg (- 1,3 kg! = - 2,87 lbs!) = 139,99 lbs or 979938.2716 grains (hihi)
H2O: 51,8 %
Fat: 29,0 %
Muscles: 34,3 %
Bones: 7,6 kg = 16,75 lbs

I finally got around to do a spreadsheet for this whole scale thing. And what I found in going through the numbers was this: I got rid off 2,4 % of body fat since November 27th!!! Which I consider really good news!

Chris and I watched "Bright Star" yesterday. I'm sorry to say, but this movie sported a lot of lengths. Though it was beautifully made and the actors were good and Fanny's dresses were great.

Keep running!


  1. - Congrats on the track workouts
    - Dont worry about the scale during holiday season, it will bring you too much grief

  2. Great job!!! To answer your question, yesterday's drill swim was around 35 minutes, today is more like 1 hour.