Saturday, 12 December 2009

First Snow and still undecided

Hi there.
This afternoon it started to snow. It's less then a cm so far, but at least it just gives a touch of christmas to Leipzig.

I'm still undecided if moving to this small town is a good idea. On the plus side it does have a pool! And there are a running and a triathlon club in the next towns. Since I will have a car then, there is no problem getting there. BUT the triathlons training times are made for school kids. I mean, I'll have to work at 3:30 PM under the week, who doesn't?!

But hey, at least it doesn't look that bad anymore. And the pool times at the town are manageable. And the job is really cool at least when I look at the description. If they are nice at the municipality it might work out. I hope so.

And still everytime I think about the size of the town I have chills running down my spine. What to do, what to do...

New Years Eve
What do you do on New Years Eve? Big party in town, party with friends, family or nothing? In the last years I celebrated with friends and it was planned for this year too. The "problem" is: I don't want to go for several reasons.

First there will probably be a friend of my friends which I absolutely dislike. And he doesn't seem to get it, he always gets into my comfort zone and tells me all this new age stuff as if I was interested in it or believed in it and him. Yuk!! And I can hardly tell my friends, he is there and since I don't like him I won't come.
Second reason, all of them have kids in the range from 1 to 3 years which will be there too. That means a lot of screaming and even after they are sleeping there will be no other talk than what kid No. 1 did and what kid No.3 has still to learn and that kid No. 4 was so adorable when it did this... There will be no adult topic for longer than 2 or tops 3 minutes. And I've had that the last years, I have it everytime I meet my friends, I'll have it at our christmas "party". I don't need this on New Years Eve too. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and if they need to have kids and enjoy it, I'm glad for them. But that doesn't mean I want to have there kids around me and and talk about them, everytime I see my friends. And again, I can't tell them: Oh, since you'll all bring your kids there, I won't come because I find your kids and your constant chatter about them annoying!
Third reason, the food. It's mostly stuff I can't eat without having to pay for it later. And with that I mean feeling sick. I've had this this year. 1st January was hell for me. And since I drank only one glass of champagne, I can't blame it on the alcohol. It was the food. Do I have to write it?

Now, I thought I came up with the perfect solution. I would tell them I can't come, because there is this New Years Run in the morning. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for my sport! But so far I couldn't find out if there will be a run in Leipzig. I found one for New Years Eve and normally there should have been one on 1st January, but it seems there isn't. On the other hand I could run in the town next to the small town, since there will be a New Years Run. But I would have to get the car from my parents since the train connection timing on that morning is crap and that isn't probable. I'll look further into it.

Will you run a New Years Run?

Two pictures of Ireland for you. I took them as we waited for the ferry to Inishmore.

On the first look it's a canyon, but look further there are people who put this "canyon" in perspective.

I'm glad that I got this picture. I stood there about half an hour to get pictures such as this. And I made tons of pictures where the waves are just on their way up or receding.

Concerning my last post. I was really bad in High School sports, I always came in last and look at me now. I run half marathons and am only nineth last! ;-) If I can do it, you can do it too! Get yourself some good running shoes for christmas and start out on a bright 1st January. You'll love it! (Not necessarily on the first few runs, but later...)

Enjoy your weekend.


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