Sunday, 27 December 2009

It's coming together, slowly piece by piece

I read a wonderful post called a natural run from Keith yesterday in his blog Keith's Odyssey to Planet Fitness. He trains triathlon for 2 years now and the most important part for me and my current interest was:
"Even as late as last summer I didn't run particularly well, and certainly not quickly, and didn't get any special enjoyment out of it. Enjoyment came from swimming or biking.

However, just recently, in the last few months things have come together and I've had a bunch of good runs. I've been running faster than ever with less effort, and I've been looking forward to running. It seems that my body is finally finding a natural pace because I can actually run at the minimum speeds required to actually run at. That probably didn't make much sense. Most of us can probably walk 6 K per hour (a hair under 4 mph). Now try to imagine running that slow. Mechanically it simply doesn't work for the way our bodies are put together. My problem was that I didn't have the skills, conditioning, or strength to be able to make the leap to an actual running pace until recently. (I'm fully aware I'm still on the slow end of the running pace.)"

So essentially this means for me, I lack the strength and the skills at this moment to run efficiently and in the heartrate range I'm supposed to! And now?
Well, I don't know if it is the right solution, but I'll give it a try and talk with my coach about it next week. The following I will try out for the first time today, right after I finished breakfast and this post.

First I'll go to the track around the corner and do some hard and fast rounds. About two or three, I'll see how it feels. After them I'll get back home and to the loo, because my breakfast is fluid ... After that I'll get my bike, drive to the Markkleeberger See, the big lake from last Sunday and do my long march. I'm curious to see how this works out for me. I'll do it the other way around on Tuesday, to see what's better for me. First strength and then endurance or endurance and then strength.

I find it extremely interesting how all this fits together like a jigsaw puzzle and that Keith wrote about this topic on Friday. Sometimes you could think there is something like fate. Weird, huh?

Oh, by the way, I found Joe Friels blog, though the current posts weren't that interesting to me, since I don't cycle for training at the moment.

I did Tuesdays 10 k yesterday, but my Polar was having a bad case of ill behaviour, so I don't have any stats for you at the moment. We'll see how she does today, might be that the battery in the chest belt is running low.

Keep running.

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  1. Its rare someone is good at all 3 sports, all we can do is keep working at it. BTW my run sucks too