Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas preps and SCAL(R)E DAY

Hello again.
Have you all got every christmas presents in place? I've got nearly everything ready, and I'm glad about it. I've been to a christmas "party" or better christmas tea with some friends of mine (and their kids). I think most of my presents were appreciated. And I got the coolest thing ever an iPOTT. Yes, you've read right, it's in fact a big cup.

Since I barely leave the house without my iPod, it's a perfect gift. ;-D

Anyway, yesterday was also a training day and it was freezing outside. Temperatures were around -15°C = 5° Fahrenheit. My Dad started on Saturday to talk me out of training, due to the temperatures. Chris and I went anyway, and we were really lucky because we had perfect sunshine, though it was pretty windy at the lake. When I got home after 3 1/2 hours, I had warm feet and frozen thighs, as always. Another reason to get rid of the excess fat, I want warm thighs and for that they have to be nothing but muscles. Well, a girl can dream.

Yesterdays stats:
Distance: ca. 16 k
Time: 3:21 hrs
in Zone: 52 min
heartrate: 118 bpm

Since I did another 5 km on Saturday when I went to an indoor christmas market, I'd say mission accomplished for this weekend and the whole week! Here are some pictures of yesterdays fight against the cold.

Me! I wear running gear under the wider clothes, well, I hate to feel cold.

Chris, she's in fact wearing her bike winter tights.

A tree on a small old cemetry.

On our way to the lake, we found it interesting that the water was still flowing.

The Markkleeberger See, one of the huge (european huge;-) lakes which were made after the open-cast mining stopped in this area. The lake was flooded during the last years, it's actually the first time I went there. And since it's a long round, without too many streets, I'll do my future long runs there. Fun fact: water temperature was a lot higher than air (3°C to -15°C). So I joked about going swimming to warm up. hihi.

Today I had finally the guts to get back on the scale. It's SCAL(R)E DAY!
Weight stats:
weight: 64,8 kg (The scale couldn't decide, it got higher when I stepped on a second and third time, I'll stick with the first measurement. ;-))
body fat: 29,6 %
muscles: 34,1 %
H2O: 51,4 %
Bones: 7,7 kg
Seems like I got a higher bone density and some more body fat :-( But I put on less weight than I thought I did, I wouldn't have been surprised to see something like 66 kg. Well, running is good, but I need to keep an eye on my diet. I'll be more serious on Paleo from now on.

I'm nearly finished with tidying up my room and but I'll run some numbers since I've decided to buy myself a new macbook in February. Mine is driving me nuts. Well, in fact it's the battery, but I won't pay another 120 € for a new battery when I've already decided to buy a whole new macbook in a few months. Originally I wanted to buy it in May, but due to the battery problem...

KEEP RUNNING! Even if your battery gives up. ;-D


  1. Reminds me of running in Hanau in the winter. Brrrrrr!!!! I ADMIRE you for getting out there anyways. My sorry self would be on a treadmill!!

  2. Looks like the weather we have here! Good to know others are getting out in the snow and cold too. I guess misery loves company.

  3. It LOOKS cold in those pictures. But beautiful. Did you get any more gluehwein at that Christmas market? I could drink it all day everyday if it were socially acceptable ;).

    Great job getting your training done in such cold temps. Which IM are you training for?

  4. Gorgeous pictures but I think I just got a chill looking at them. Holy shit! You deserve a prize for going out when it's that cold. AND thank you for the C = F conversion!!! It helps the metric-ally challenged.

  5. Wow! I can't beleive that you run in the snow like that. I'm very impressed.