Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A track covered with sparkling diamonds

Today Chris and I met at 9:30 AM on the track, to do some track drills and a bit of running. My muscles were still sore from my Sunday sessions and I slept like crap last night. So when I had to get up I was in a foul mood. I got out there anyway and I even wore only my long running tights, not the winter tights. Only? Well, it was just -4° C =24.8° F, which seems warm considering how cold it was on December 20th. Everything was covered with rime, when I shuffled (my slow "run") to the track the gravel looked like some pictures from the scanning electron micrograph.

Then I got to the track and oh this beauty! The sun shone directly on the track which was fully covered with hoarfrost. It looked like it was covered with diamonds or crystals. It was absolutely amazing. I'm so grateful that I was abled to see this. Things like this are a runners reward for getting up, when you could also stay in bed with your sore muscles. I mean, I can say that I practiced on a track of diamonds and Chris too.

Sorry, but I didn't take my ixus with me, so you have to imagine this. A track surrounded by gardens gleaming in the sunshine with millions of diamonds. Just stunning.

The work out went surprisingly well, considering that my muscles were still sore from Sunday. I didn't take my amino acids then, so this is probably the reason for the longer recovery AND that I ate carbs in the evening. I took the amino acids today and what can I say, my body feels better with it. I also found that when I pinch my nose shut, the taste isn't that disgusting.

We marched some laps, did some strength drills I found yesterday on youtube and ran some straights to get our muscles used to the feel of real running. After that we marched some more laps and then departed. She got in her car and I shuffled home. Interestingly, just these two track sessions have already changed my movements when I shuffle (run slow). There is a lot more spring in my steps, if you know what I mean. To me this means I'm on the right track, literally and metaphorically.

Here are todays stats:
time: 1:10:25 hrs
in zone: 36:34 min
HR: 130 bpm

And to make up for the missing diamond track, this:

I took this picture on Christmas Day in front of my Grandmas house. It's not photoshoped, this is how the sunset looked like on that day. Pure beauty.

Keep Running and enjoy natures treats.


  1. Vielen dank! your description and your photo brought to mind some wonderful images of your workout!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Happy New Year !!!

    2010 New Year's Fireworks show


  3. That's what track work is supposed to do for you, put a spring in your step. You must be doing it right.

  4. Hard to get motivated in the cold, nice job out there.

    Happy New Year!