Thursday, 10 December 2009

Second Miss and an off-topic question

So there are places were we runners have to struggle with snow already. And they feel bad about it. Here is what I thought when I read their blogs: You lucky bastards. To me running in snow is a lot easier than running in cold rain when its already dark. But that's just my point of view.
Weather has gotten worse, it's raining heavily and I'm in a foul mood.

Today I drove to a town, that's about 100 km away. First I got lost because there were no signs, would you believe it? No, the car of my parents has no navigation system. (When I buy my car, this is the first thing I'll install. By the way it will be an Audi A3 TDi with at least 120 PS, colour doesn't matter as long as it isn't red. I HATE RED CARS! Have you seen the new ad for the Audi A3? This spot is awesome!!! Have a look. Oh and I LOVE THIS CAR!) And then it rained all day long.

My off-topic question is related to this town. If a city has only 6400 inhabitants does it qualify as a town? And would you want to live there? These are the questions that I'm pondering right now, since I have an interview in this town on Monday. The job offer is intriguing, but I'm not a small town person. I wouldn't have to skip speed training since it takes only an hour to get to Leipzig by train (car 2 to 2 1/2 hours). But there is no cinema and I couldn't figure out if you can get DSL there. If I couldn't have internet there I'd be lost. I don't need a tv (in fact I haven't watched tv since October), but I NEED internet access.

I chose to skip speed training today in favour of my right knee (and to think about the town). I had problems with bending it this morning and when I got back from my drive, my knee hurt really badly. So I decided, I'll do my speed training tomorrow alone in the afternoon. There is a track a few blocks away, so I'll go there and do fast and slow laps.

Seems like this week is a bit off.

And since I stray so much, why not go all the way. Here are three pics I took in London in November 2007. I was there 3 weeks after I started in my job and yes it was a business trip. On it I shook hands with Gordon Brown the British Prime Minister! (I don't have a photo to prove it. But it's true. Impressing, huh?) If you ever go to London, do yourself a favor, go get a good hotel, that means at least 90 Pounds a night, Hotels cheaper than this are a nightmare.

I took these pictures in the ? Park, as you can see. I only know it was near Oxford Street.

This is my favourite picture of this trip.

And this is what I did on Tuesday: I build an earring board!

Okay, before I start talking about what moisturizer I use, I better quit this post.



  1. Hi darling, I've been so busy lately, sorry for the late response! Your blog is allways amazing

    The Bible of fashion,

  2. I don't want to live in a town so small that everyone knows everyone elses business. That's just me, I'd like to have some sense of community but I don't think I could handle a place that small or potentially remote.

  3. I'm not a small town person either, but if you are close to bigger towns then it wouldn't seem so bad. I've had to do it before, but I generally knew that living in a small town would not be forever. Good luck with your decision!