Monday, 21 December 2009

Email exchange with little town

as requested, but only a short overview, since I've got a room to tidy.

And before you ask, I haven't heard from them so far. And when I go after the decision dice which I threw yesterday at my friends flat, I'm getting the job in Düsseldorf and not the one in the little town. Which would be fine with me. As long as I get a new job and fast, I'm fine.

Okay. So here is what I wrote in Tuesdays email (it's shortened (no usual blahblah) and I'm not good in translating, so its mostly content not the tone (which was nice, really!)):
" 1. Brochure rack: it contains to much brochures, there is no apparent order, a lot of brochures aren't up to date. buy a rack specifically for presenting brochures (if you've got the money, it costs only 200€s) or adapt the old one for this use. Put it in the entrance hall, for better lighting and accessability.
2. Orientation signs in the stairway. Move them also to the entrance hall and directly next to one another. Reason: better lighting, better readability and no swing door in your back.
3. Put up orientation signs on the first floor, so the visitors know instantly which way to turn to get to the room they are looking for.
4. Door plates: New bigger ones if you have the money or at least bigger writing, since the existing ones are barely readable.

2 positive points of the city: better swim times at the pool than on the big sports pool in Leipzig and the tea in the Café is really good."

Additionally I said that its not meant as criticism but just some small improvements which would have a huge impact.

The answer in short from little town:
"Thank you for your hints and improvements. As you certainly noticed we need to retrofit the whole building, though we did retrofit some rooms and offices.

Our old janitor made some orientation sign, but we put them down, since they were not up to date.

The door plates are actually over twenty years old, but we reprinted them just recently and will do again in January, when the new colleagues start out.

Well, the brochure rack, what can I say to that."

I cut out the usual blahblahblah.

So this is it. I got no other message so far, snail mail, email or phone. What it means? I have no clue. We'll see.

Since the job in Düsseldorf is a 5 year contract and little town offered only a 2 year contract, I think Düsseldorf is the better option (big and cool town, better money, longer contract, better background knowledge on my side and head on in research(yeah, I mean I would love to work at cern), an adult triathlon club for sure, more than one pool, bike shops, young folks, a dream come true!). I just have to get the job, and this will probably take some more time, two months minimum. But as Kandee Johnson said on her blog patience is a virtue. Not that I have any. Impatience is my second nature. ;-)

Okay, this is it.

Hope your jobs go well and you like what you do.

Keep running! It clears your head!

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  1. Nice, and they responded too.

    COngrats on the new job, thats awesome to hear.