Monday, 30 November 2009

A Day out of time

you sometimes need days like this. And yesterday certainly was one for me.

I went to sleep really late Saturday night 4 o'clock in the morning. No, I haven't been out, it was what I call a "link-aton" on youtube. I started watching with some video, by midnight I wanted to watch "The Glass Slipper" with Leslie Caron (I love this movie and wish the would finally release it on DVD). Thanks to the Pawlowian reflex I'm trained to eat something while watching it. And since I had no bell pepper already cut, I turned to toast bread. (Which is wrong on sooo many levels.) Gone the two days of nearly eating Paleo (the cheese remember?!).

Here's my first trick for you, always keep some fresh vegetable pieces in the refrigerator ready to eat. Because sometimes you just need something to nosh on and are mostly to lazy to make something at these moments. Prepare some slices of apple, bell pepper, carrots or whatever you like. But remember, it has to be raw and non-starchy. I love green bell peppers for this, funnily enough I don't like them cooked or baked, they are getting too bitter for me through it.

My Mampf Diary of Saturday, 28.11.09:
BF: 400 ml of chocolate protein shake, 1 sliced apple
Lunch: 1 saladheart (green salad which is sold as a triplet, I found that 1 saladheart is just the right amount for a salad for me alone), cherry tomatoes, 1 red bell pepper, some mushrooms & a diced and baked turkey cutlet.
Dinner: non, since I ate lunch a 5:30pm.
Snacks: 1 green bell pepper, 1 bag of nuts, 2 slices of toast.

My lunch salad. (Sorry that it's so blurry, I haven't found the right way to take these pictures, but I'm working on it. :-)

Trick No. 2: As you've read I ate a bag of nuts. Now before you're too shocked. Nuts are perfect for your body, rich in good fatty acids and other stuff, really low in carbohydrats. Still you shouldn't eat too much. Now since they are so munchable you easily eat too much, but you can outwit yourself fairly easy. Put the allowed amount (something around 50 g per day) in small(!) zipper bags, this way you can't overeat unconsciously. I bought a 200g bag of nuts and put about 50 grams in the zipper bags. (Since it was a nutmix I actually counted every sort of nut and put the same amount in every bag. I know, I'm weird, it probably comes with the engineering, everything has to be measured. ;-) You don't have to count them, if you've got a kitchen scale it's much easier, but I don't have one, so... (I think I'll get myself one for x-mas.) These little snack bags are really practical, you can put one in your bag/purse, this way your not tempted to get some easily available sweets (e.g. cupcakes or really bad things like donuts, don't get me wrong I like them too) or burger.

Back to my Sunday. I had to get up fairly early (8 am) to meet with my friend at the flea market (9:30 am). I walked there (2.5 km) and didn't buy a thing (proudly swelled chest;-). The market was a lot smaller then the last time and no interesting stuff. But my friend and I talked about a job offer for which I have an interview in exactly two weeks, about which I have really split feelings (Story for another post). When I came back (11am), I repaired my bed together with my dad and then we had lunch. Afterwards I took a really long sunday afternoon nap, because of my sleeping deficit. The dream I had was a nice mixture of a lot of my favourite stories and stayed with me when I woke. So I dozed along, since it was already dark outside and could think of nothing better to do. Later on I watched "Howl's Moving Castle" (if you haven't watched it yet, you should it's one of my alltime favs) and got to bed fairly early.

Sunday Mampf Diary:
BF: 400 ml of chocolate protein shake,
Lunch: scalloped cutlets, salsifies, apple puree
Dinner: 4 slices of toast with hungarian peperoni (my mom bought the peperoni just for me, so I had to eat it, otherwise there would have been a 'discussion', now that there is no peperoni left I can eat fully Paleo)
Snacks: 1 Dream Apple, 3 pieces of dark chocolate

Since I was in a hurry yesterday morning I didn't weigh myself. But I did today, so its SCAL(R)E DAY.
weight: 65,3 kg (300 gr. less than Friday, impressing no?)
water: 51,1 %
bodyfat: 30,0 % (1,4% less, but don't get too excited, I think it's because I changed some of the parameters, the activity level is 3 now and was 2 on friday)
muscles: 34,0 %
Next SCAL(R)E DAY is Sunday.

I won't run or march today, but do some stretching and crunches to strengthen my stomach muscles. Tomorrow I march/run 12 km though.

Enough, this post is a lot longer than I wanted it to be.

Keep running!

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