Saturday, 28 November 2009

What do you eat? My Food or better my Mampf Diary ;-)

Good Morning. And what a lovely morning it is here in Leipzig. The sun is shining and it's 10° C in the shadow. Pretty warm for November.

I've decided Thursday night to go for the marathon distance and throw all my knowledge and will in. Most of my decisions I will decide on whats best for my running / marathon performance. And two things, which are interlinked, are crucial for it. My weight and my diet(style of eating not diet as in I want to lose weight).

Over the past years, I've tried a lot of eating styles, from Forever Young over Paleo and Raw Food to "French women don't get fat". By far the best for my health, my skin in particular and my weight is the Paleo Diet of Dr. Loren Cordain. It's got (just) 6 ground rules, which are deal breakers for most people, and even I don't stick to all of them. But since you have to make anything your own to really live it, I think it's okay and it works for me.

The ground rules (page 20 of The Paleo Diet):
1. All the lean meats, fish, and seafood you can eat
2. All the fruits and nonstarchy vegetables you can eat
3. No cereals
4. No legumes
5. No dairy products (I don't stick with this rule, because I love cheese and my body tolerates it just fine)
6. No processed foods (You can say what you want, nobody gets between me and my chocolate)

Okay, bear with me, I'm only human. So I bend the rules to be comfy this lifestyle and stick with it about 90 % of the time. I do have cheese (chaumes cheese from france) and milk/hot chocolate occasionally, and I won't trade my chocolate and proteinshakes (processed food + dairy). I didn't have any trouble to stop eating cereals (never liked bread anyway), rice and potatoes.

Now a lot you will be taken aback, because Pasta is supposed to be the runners food. But how do you feel after a big portion of pasta? Full of energy or tired? Ever felt this way after a huge bowle of tossed salad with some nuts, tomatos and mushrooms? Well, the reason is that our digestive system is calibrated for the latter and not for Pasta parties and donuts (a real toxin for us, I like them still but hate how I feel afterwards and I don't mean the guilt).

So, to give you an idea how this diet works on a daily basis and to control me for the first few weeks, (I've started out only yesterday) I will write a food diary. It's in fact part of my training diary.

Which looks like this. I'll write down what I ate, my training chores, my weight and some other factors (I'm a girl as you know, so there goes a bit more in the equation - like hurting feet from wearing high heels all day - just kidding.)

Okay, since I started out yesterday with my marathon programm for real, I got my scale out, which is a diagnosis scale from Beurer, it takes not only the weight, but body fat, water and muscles too. Ooh, the embarrassment, I had my doubts that I really lost 2 kg (4lbs) since I moved to Leipzig, but to see it proved ... ouch.

Yesterdays SCALE stats (height 163 cm, activity level 2 (moderate activity)):
weight: 65,6 kg (sob, snivel, cry)
water: 50,0 % (fine level)
body fat: 31,4 % (way too high, goal: 15% or less)
muscles: 34,1 % (goal: more, how much? I'll check and give you the figure on the next weight post, which should be up tomorrow. Remember? Sundays are SCALE (Scare)Days.)
bones: 7,5 kg

Food = Mampf Diary (mampfen is german slang for munching = Munch Diary) November 27, 2009:
Breakfast: 400 ml protein shake (chocolate), 1 bowl of Dream Apple
Lunch: turkey with tomatoes, a bell pepper baked and some chaumes cheese (see pic below)
Dinner: 1 big bowl of Dream Apple with an orange
Snacks: 1 sharon/kaki, 1 carrot

The diced (?) turkey with tomatoes and bell pepper. Yesterdays lunch.

Todays breakfast: 400 ml chocolate protein shake, 1 sliced fuji apple and I had a cup of black tea with it.

That's it for today. Tomorrows post will be late, since I'll go to a flea market (I'll take pics) with a friend of mine and then it's 10 km fast walking in the afternoon. Today I'll write some more job applications and find some nice recipes to try for the next days. And clean my room, throw some useless paper away, buy groceries, stuff like that.

Have a wonderfull weekend and Keep running.

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  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck on your marathon training and new diet (love the munching journal). Have fun at the flea market tomorrow. Oh, and I could never give up cheese either.