Thursday, 19 November 2009

Sore thighs but happy ...

Today is a wonderful sunshine day. My thighs are sore from yesterdays training, so I won't run today. But since I've got stuff to do in the city, I will ride my bike this afternoon. Crosstraining. ;-D

Big news: I've already got my starting slot for the half marathon in Leipzig since I signed up for the official running seminar. (You can't register normally for a starting slot right now. So I guess I will have a pretty high starting number. Though I will end up on the end of the results list. :-( ) I was late for the entrance but another participant dropped out, so I got my chance. This means training with a professional coach once a week. Which is great, never had that before. And I get a special shirt too. (God I'm such a girl.)

This is it for today.

Keep running!

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