Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I'm not alone anymore and doing the math...

Wahooooooo. I finally found some other woman out there blogging who run and/or are triathletes. So, HALLO LADIES!!! (I'll post the links tonight.) Sorry about my loud voice, but I'm so excited. Sharing tricks and stories. I can't wait!

We've got fabulous weather today, so I will ride my bike (pics coming soon) to my appointments. And in the afternoon (if the weather is still this good, no point in doing it in the rain) I will walk my current running route and take some pictures for you.

And there we are. This night I did my math, since I have my first runners seminar tomorrow. The results of the math were devastating to me. I knew I'm a slooow runner, but my 'pace' is ridiculous. I'm not sure if you can even call it a pace! I'm mortified.
Okay, stop rambling, San.

My current running distance is 3,5 km for which I need exactly 30 minutes with a pulse that is over my anaerob threshold (yeah, I did the test). So my current pace is 8:57! (Boston here I come, hahaha.) So, my estimated times for 10k = 1:22 hr, hm = 3:00 hrs (my time last year was actually 2:58 hrs, I was the second last if I remember it right), m = 6 hrs. I know I would get throught a marathon, I've got the will, but I probably wouldn't be able to walk the whole week afterwards. When I did my halfmarathon last year, I had to walk down the stairs backwards for 3 days!!! It hurt like hell.

I've already scheduled my training days for the coming weeks, but I don't have clue what to do about the distances and the pace. It really is about time that I got a coach, there is only so much you can do alone. ;-P

For next week I've planned to run an extra kilometer, but now I'm not so sure anymore. Should I stick with this distance and push my pace? Or should I run a fast round at the weekend, instead of a long run (not that I do that at the moment ;-). What do you think? Ulrich Th. Strunz, the fitness pope of germany, says go for the distance. But I don't want to stay that slow. I always wished I could run with this long, strong strides and not shuffle along like I do! I WANT TO BE A RUNNER!!! (sob and snivel) And I want a training schedule from Peter Greif, but for that I had to run 10 k in 40 min, which is a loooong way to go.

Well, this is it for now. Have to get my bike out. Oh, before I forget, today I get my first waffle with vanilla creme of the season at the christmas market. I'm so excited. I'll take pictures and post them. Promise.

Tell me what you think about the distance/pace problem. Any suggestions?

Keep running!!

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