Friday, 20 November 2009

Ouch, ouch, ouch, OUCH, ouch,...

if you heard this yesterday afternoon and wondered, these were my thighs complaining with every step I took. They were really sore (and are now again). But I've been in the city anyway and bought myself a new sports bra. And I looked for a new pair of winter running tights, because I'll need a new one in December. There was only one left of the one I liked and that was 3 sizes to small for me. Yikes. Though I will lose weight through the training I won't lose that much that fast. :-(

For the ladies out there, I will put up a review on sports bras pretty soon. And there will be other reviews on running equipment too, which also guys might be interested in. Right now I'm bursting with ideas for my blogs. I've started out with two post it notes on my desk yesterday and the are both full already. So, you can be curious with what I'll come up next.

Okay let's get down to business, since I've had 2 days for recovery I went for a run this morning, even though my weaker self tried to stop me. But I ran right over it. ;-P

Todays stats:

Exe Time: 30 min (I cut off 150 m)
In Zone: 10:35 min (even worse than wednesday)
Average Heartrate: 158 bpm

As you can tell by them, I had to struggle. Might be, that 2 days of resting aren't enough for me at this point. Well, we'll see. Next training is scheduled for Sunday or Monday morning, not sure yet, because I want to check what kind of recovery time my body needs. And Tuesday I don't have the time to run in the morning.

Man, I can't wait to meet the other runners on Thursday at the marathon seminar. I'm so excited! Then I'll hopefully have some training partners for the long runs at the weekends. I'll take some pictures from the first meeting and post them here.

Since I won't run tomorrow, I'll tell you something about my diet and how I organize my running equipment, with some nice pics and a yummy and healthy recipe.

Keep running!

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