Friday, 25 June 2010


There are days when I'm in a ROTTEN mood and then I need sugar and fat in form of Starbucks Truffle (Triple or Decadence [same cake everywhere but in Dublin its called 'decadence' which is a fitting name]) Chocolate Cake as seen below.


Today is one of those days. (insert heavy sigh here) Even now, that I'm feeling slightly sick from it, I feel that it was absolutely necessary.

No, the assessment center at the Steinbeis University in Berlin went okay. And I was STELLAR as the minister president of Baden-Wuerttemberg (german federal state in the south west, yes we've got federal states too, I live currently in Saxony). I sucked at the self presentation, 2 minutes and in f***ing English, talking isn't as easy for me as writing, because I write a lot more than I talk, thanks to my blogs.
They made us also answer 3 questions, to test our english writing skills, this is were I excel. My three questions were: 1. What is your career goal? My answer in short and over the top: Global Domination. Yes I literally wrote "global domination". You didn't actually think that I take this kind of test seriously, now did you? 2. question: How do you react to critics? This one I answered seriously. 3. What would you contribute to this master course? I'd contribute style and humour. Yes, I literally wrote that and something more. Mostly because I didn't have a clue what to write. And I wasn't alone with that, we, the attendees, often asked each other, what do you answer to this or that question, everyone had some different questions?

The interview was weird. My interviewer told me that she had full confidence that I'm abled to do the studies, but the problem is my meandering vita and my quirky, creative and outgoing personality. I don't fit the forms or normal picture german bosses and entrepreneurs have from engineers (Too bad that I'm not boring, than I would have a job in no time!) and therefore it might be hard to get me into their partner companies, without them thinking: how crazy is she?

I haven't heard back from them until now, but until Monday evening I will know. There is just the money question left. The minimal payment is way to low if you ask me and definitely too low for living in Stuttgart.

The last night was awful, I slept really crappy. I nearly overslept this morning and wasn't really awake until I ate my monstrous chocolate cake. Even when I rode to school and while I wrote the project management test I wasn't that clearminded (54 out of 56 points as a result, I am absolutely fantastic!!! Even half sleeping and reading job offers during the test didn't stop me. Yes, I'm that good, got a job for me?).

Tonight I will ride another training round and tomorrow I've planned to go swimming!

Congrats to KK she made a great over all 3rd place at her last tri, you find her race report here. Big Daddy finished 3rd too in his last race and won his own pukie award for this race twice. Read his report here.

Have a great weekend and good luck on your races, may you have tail wind all race long! (Headwind for training, we need the adversity in training and perfect conditions in the race than we can beat the pros. Muahahah)

UPDATE: I passed the Assessment!!! Now I have to do a GMAT like onlinetest and rewrite my applications for the different jobs and in a few weeks I could work and study. WOHOO. I'll get some icecream for celebration now, the weather is too weird to go for a ride.



  1. Its now the weekend, go have some fun and forget about this week.

  2. Congrats on passing your test. Forgive me, I haven't been around for a bit but does that give you a job? A course of study?

  3. Yeah, i nearly posted to my Facebook status yesterday, "Too.Much.Chocolate" but then decided not to share my lapse in sensible eating to the world. Dang, the brown stuff is hard to resist.

    I think they should accept you exactly FOR that quirky, creative and outgoing personality of yours. Style, humor, world domination... I like it! :-)