Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Korean Food and Cutting Board

Hey there.

I'm addicted to South Korean movies and dramas, as you know. Now I'm taking this to the next level, I cook korean food! Would you believe it, there is only one german book on korean food available. (The clacking noice this morning was my jaw that dropped on the desktop when I found out.) I ordered it at a local bookstore, I'll get it tomorrow. Thanks to Maangchi I could make and eat my first korean dish today.

In the meantime I bought a lovely big cutting board made of bamboo.

I had to buy a big one today, since I nearly threw a tantrum when I used my parents small cutting boards yesterday evening.

Quite a difference. I'm really happy with this big board. I haven't tried it today, but will do so tomorrow after class. In any case I bought this board at Culinaris which is a shop specialised in kitchen accessories. They've got all the stuff you need in good to fantastic quality and design. So when I saw this bowl in multiple colors I had to have it. I'll use it for my korean style lunch tomorrow.

Nice color and the perfect size!

So today I've made my first ever korean dishes. Well, one of them is semi korean since I used cranberry cheese in it. ;-)

Rolled Eggs (omelette) - Gye ran mal yee

It's a side dish and is used a lot for korean school lunch boxes. It takes a bit of training to get the rolling right, but I succeeded. It's an easy and fast (after the training) and healthy dish. How to make it? See here:

The big rolls are cut in bite sized pieces. I ate some of them this evening and will take some with me for my lunch tomorrow.

Lettuce wraps

It's pretty easy, healthy and delicious. The cutting takes some time. ;-)

I had radish, carrots, tomatoes, bell pepper (which I didn't eat), cranberry cheese and quinoa.

Then you just decide what you want in this wrap, as wrapping you use lettuce leaves (it has to have soft leaves for this, Iceberg isn't an option here). Here are two of my choices.


Okay, I'm going to soak in the tub now. Nice Dreams.



  1. That looks incredibly good. I guess I take for granted the fact that we have so many different styles of food, and cookbooks ready at a moment's notice should we wish to partake. Good luck in your food adventures!

  2. Yummy! Now that you have the nice cutting board, you need some nice knives. is a local store here. Talk about tempting.

  3. Culinaris has knifes too, Keith. LoL. But I don't need knifes. I'm more thinking of the "WMF Rührblitz" egg whip (it's the best thing ever) and some metal mixing bowls.