Monday, 14 June 2010

Mini Celebration

Morning Folks.

There's a lot to celebrate this morning.

My weight is down too 63,2 kg = 139,33 lbs, even though I ate way too much carbs in the last weeks. but ending the meal skipping seems to have done the trick. Even though I ate some chocolate waffles around 3 AM this morning. I don't think I was completely conscious at that time! With my new and well thought out ;-) training plan my weight will go down more and more.

I just realized last evening that this blog is now 1 year old! I wrote my first post on May 31st last year. Unbelievable that I stuck with this blog for so long. I never would've gotten this far without you all reading and commenting on it. THANK YOU!

After I had this little meltdown last Wednesday, I realized that I need to step up my game mentally and this book is just what I need: "The Triathlete's Guide to Mental Training", by Jim Taylor and Terri Schneider. Yesterday I remembered that I already own this wonderful book on mental training. Have you guys read it? I've started with it about 2 years ago and then got side tracked or lost focus (surprising, eh?). First chapter is how far I read back then. Last night I started out again while I soaked in the tub. Nothing better than having a good read in the tub. I've decided to read this book completely this week. Since I need the strategies also for the big interview for Super Job. (Which looks like it's shifted to next week due to the german worldcup game on Friday. Damn it!!! If you ask me, they should stick with the date and whoever doesn't show up is obviously not fit for becoming a manager on the upper level of management. Seriously, putting your future on line just for watching a ball game?!! How stupid is that?!!!) This book is full of wisdom so be prepared for some nice quotes. The current quote at the sidebar is from it. Very inspiring, don't you think?

In yesterdays post I showed you a bike by BMC that isn't exactly cheap. I checked out the company this morning and it's a high-end bike manufacturer from Switzerland. This explains the price. What I also found out is that their womens roadie is called "Sparkle" and looks like this:

Cute isn't it? Love the color. Checking it out at the web I found that it is cheaper than the bike from yesterday (2.300,- €) with "just" 1.700,- € that I would have to pay for it. That's six of one and half a dozen of another. I can't afford it this year anyway. But good to know that they have roadies for my size. (But BMC if you want to sponsor me with a Sparkle or bike clothing just for me. I'm game! I'm 162cm tall. ;-)

After thinking about my training ride of yesterday evening I decided that 25 k in 2 rides with a 4 hour break including a nap is pretty low mileage and could be hardly counted as training. (Hell, Ironman means a ride of 180k as a part of a race.) So today I've decided to ramp up the mileage. Tonight I will ride 25k in one ride. Riding more will improve my cardiosystem and give me cylists legs, which will make me looking hot in my black skirt. Just you wait and see. Hahaha.

Here's a lovely part from "Mental Training" on the ups and downs of life or triathlon. From my map finding I know that I need to put everything in perspective. This part also made me think of Tri Daddy Diesel, who felt a bit down after his last race.
"Successful triathletes know how to stop their decline and regain positive attidute, helpful emotions and quality performance. The first step to reversing your down period is to keep the ups and downs in perspectice by knowing that they're a natural and expected part of the sport. This attitude takes the pressure off the down moments, minmizing frustration and disappointment. It enables you to stay positive and motivated. Most important, never give up. Stay focused on your triathlon goals. Look for the cause of your slump and find a solution." (p.7, "The triathlete's guide to mental training")

Okay, time for me to get back to reading my mental training book.



  1. Glad you rediscovered the book-sounds like there is some valuable insight to be found. And congrats on the weight loss, very motivating!

  2. Yes, I've read that and it's totally awesome. There is a ton of good stuff in there. It's on my list of books to buy if I see it. congrats on the one year old blog!

  3. Congrats on the one year

    Yes, Sparkle would be a good name if you got that bike, email BMC, worse they can say is no, maybe you get a surprise from them

    I was down, now I am back up, triathlons is a pure roller coaster ride

  4. The blog comments sure to mean a lot, don't they? :-)

    That's a beautiful bike. Bike shopping is so much fun. It certainly takes a toll on the wallet, but all of those curves, colors... it's just sexy!

    There's an article in this month's Triathlete magazine that deals with the mental side of the sport. It's titled, "Building Mental Toughness," and I enjoyed it a lot. Big Daddy said above that triathlon is a roller coaster ride; couldn't agree more. My emotions are all over the board sometimes. I would love to get them 'in check' a bit more and have more confidence in my abilities. I think I'll check out that book.