Saturday, 12 June 2010

Auroras Spa Day - LOOOONG Picture Post

Since I'm still on running break due to my left knee, I've decided to getting back on the bike. (Wait didn't I say that a few weeks ago too? Whoops. No persistance and focus, whatsoever. pfff.) Well, Aurora wasn't in that good shape over the last few weeks, gear shifting delays of up to 20 minutes and surprise shifting at climbs aren't exactly what I need or like. Would you?
So yesterday evening I decided that today is Auroras Spa Day and I'd finally make an appointment at my trusted bike dealer, the Bike Department Ost (BDO), for fixing the gear shift. I didn't buy Aurora there, but I'll probably buy my roadie there (bike porn tomorrow XD).

Well this morning I've got Aurora out and took some pictures before I drove to the BDO. Good thing I did so.

When I got there, I first took a look around. Yeah, I'm also susceptible to some nice bike porn, I only say ROADIES (I'll post those pics tomorrow.). I still need a helmet and then I'm a girl, so bike clothes are interesting too. I'm glad to say that I found my future helmet, which is unfortunatly as expensive as I thought, 190 €. More on it tomorrow.

Then one of the sales clerks or better bike enthusiasts who works there asked me if he could help me. I asked for some oil for my bike, since I planned to give my Aurora a good cleaning and we took a look at her together. After a lot of advice on cleaning and caring for her, he told me that Aurora is probably to big for me and that the handle bar position is wrong for me. It's too high and too far away from my saddle. The stem is too high and long. Have a closer look at it, before...:

He showed me another shorter and 200 grams (!) lighter stem. So I've decided to get it and he put it on, since I don't have a torque wrench. (Love this service!)

Tada, my new shorter, lower and lighter stem.

My handle bar still isn't at the same height as my saddle, but I first have to get used to this new position and if I want it lower I can go there any day and he'll lower it for me. It feels weird to drive with it, since I drove with the other stem for years.

In any case I also got a new set of fenders (after 5 years of driving with only one), which I haven't added yet, since I didn't get the screws of the old ones off. My Dad will have the honor to do so tomorrow. *snicker* And I got the appointment for the fixing of the gear shift on which also the chain will be changed. On July 5th I will bring the bike in and get it back. (They are full until then!)

After that I drove back home and started with Auroras Spa Treatments.

Getting ready!

The dirt before:

This kind of dirt resulted in getting the brush and the screw driver (for the parts that I couldn't reach with this brush) out.

After 2 1/2 hours of washing, scrubbing and grating off the dirt, Aurora is clean and fresh.

With a freshly oiled chain. Can you hear her sigh?!

I'll take her for a ride this afternoon and tomorrow Chris and I will take her for our usual Sunday morning ride too.

More on my trip to the BDO tomorrow and hello to Patrick, glad you are here and hopefully you both enjoy the springrolls.

Enjoy your weekends and good luck on your races and training.



  1. Ya thats about how long I spend a week cleaning mine, its ridicolous, but for what I paid for it, I am keeping it in top shape.

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