Tuesday, 15 June 2010

This little monster

Elliott had me eating chocolate waffles this morning (4 AM) again. Dang. On the other side, I stood strong with training and dinner last night, so a few waffles are only a small setback along the way. This kind of nighteating will stop as soon as I move out, anyway. For two reasons: a) I'll buy no waffles b) this nighteating is a parents flat thing. Never did it when I shared flats and I won't do it in my own flat. So there's nothing to worry about.
I ate some Thai noodles and backed bananas (i just love those) yesterday for lunch (my mom and I bought a Deuter backpack for my dad, his birthday is on Friday, I made her treating me to lunch ;-). Unfortunately my skin started acting up last evening and now my inner elbows (old place for my neurodermatitis from childhood) are red and looking bad. I'm definitely sensitive to gluten. I don't have a problem with small amounts, so soy sauce is okay, but big portions of noodles are a problem for me. Good to know. Noodles (carbs) are bad for me anyway, so I'll make a big detour around them from now on.

The assessment center for Super Job is moved to next Thursday. So I've got even more time to prepare and enough time to work the "Mental Training" book through. (Looking on the bright side, right? Right.) Like Keith said in his comment, it has tons of good advice. Buy it! It's worth its weight in gold, in my opinion. I highlight nearly every sentence I read and I'm just on page 13! I wasn't too happy about this appointment shifting as you can read in yesterdays first post. BUT have a look on todays Elle UK horoscope for me:
"So much is happening behind the scenes at the moment—so much so that you’re not even aware of all subtle influences guiding you beyond your normal safety zones. Tune into the subtle clues if you want to get a handle on what’s really influencing you. Nothing is quite what it seems." Sounds good, no?

Triathlon insights
Yesterday I forgot to tell you what I also learned from my "long" ride. "CORE STRENGTH", until yesterday I didn't know why I should train it! Even when Molly wrote that "I thought of camp a lot, when Jen Harrison had talked about core strength and how much it pays off late in the race when run form starts falling apart." on her post about "Silicon Valley International Triathlon", I didn't get it. Since the second round of yesterdays ride I know now what core strength is for and that it hurts like hell, when I don't have it. This whole second part of the ride would have been a lot easier if my core muscles would have been abled to hold on. But it hurt. Elliott and my body weren't amused in the slightest. Now I have to find the right drills to get it done. By the way my chest muscles are still complaining.

Well, here is some wisdom from the "The triatlete's guide to mental training":
"In the beginning it's hard to understand that the race is not against others but against that little voice in your head that tells you when to quit" Charlss Brenke, age-group triathlete (p.12)

"You must train yourself to seek out and thrive on adversity and have the ability to stay calm and focused when the race is on the line. You need the ability to use your emotions to your advantage so that they help you perform well. Finally, mastering the pain that you will experience in training and races will enable you to endure the physical challenges you will face as you pursue your goals." (p. 11)



  1. Core strength = sooo true! You use your core for everything in triathlon. It doesn't get a break. You will get stronger in time. :-)

  2. "In the beginning it's hard to understand that the race is not against others but against that little voice in your head that tells you when to quit" Charlss Brenke, age-group triathlete (p.12)

    this is why age groupers rock