Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday Celebration (including Hawaii pic just for you!)

1. Celebrating 4 weeks of freedom from nasal spray. Wohoo.

2. Celebrating my first adversity training ride today (with water!!!). Since the FSI Rollski-Worldcup is held this weekend at the Markkleeberger See I couldn't take my usual route. (first adversity) I decided to drive in the city and then along the river. I've had headwind all the way in. (second adversity) As soon as I left the Sportforum behind me Elliott started nagging: "Are you sure what you are doing? You've never drove this way" Yadayadayada. (third adversity) When I finally got to the Auen lake I was really excited since it is literally at the other end of the city and it takes ages to get there with public transport. I got there in only 45 minutes and I drove slow. My mom was impressed when I told her where I had been and concerned that I stress my knee too much.
Anyway, here are todays stats:
Distance overall: approx. 30 k
Distance training ride: approx. 20 k
time (tr): 1:28:58 hrs.
in zone (tr): 53:57 min.
HR: 125 bpm

3. Celebrating my first ever bike training week. Since last Saturday I drove overall, tadaaaa:

125 k = 77,67 m

Next weeks goal is to beat this!

Sunset on Mauna Kea Summit, December 2008! Best vacation ever!

4. Celebrating my new tri-budget and account and bikeparts. Yesterday I finally got around to buy the bottleholder and to actually install it right away.

5. Celebrating to have found some strength drills for solving my knee issue. Good thing there is youtube and Dave Scott (yes, our Dave Scott, the 6 time Ironman champion). Now all I have to do is do them and get this thing (thera band? rope?)

6. Celebrating to have found some core strength drills that I will do now every day. Thanks to youtube.

7. Celebrating to have found some new and exciting tri-blogs and a hilarious tri-book.

8. Celebrating you, my lovely readers, thank you for all of your support. By the way I know I shouldn't compare myself to others but old habits die hard. And Elliott wailing with me to get faster is a first step in the right direction, since this means he starts to support my sport and training.

I've also decided to ask BMC for "sponsoring", as far as I can see they have no age groupers so far. In any case, since they want a application answering a lot of questions (what races this year? ahem, no races this season.) it will take a bit of preparation. Worst case is a "no", so nothing to worry about.

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend and successful races and training. Cheers.


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  1. Congrats, lots of celebrating.

    And if BMC sponsors you, tell them you need an extra Time Machine size 56, thanks