Thursday, 17 June 2010

Riding 25k again, but still without water ;-)

Since I got home pretty late due to my hairstyling appointment, I didn't have the motivation to race against the clock to get to the BDO just to buy a bottle holder. So instead I ate Dinner (Mom had made apple-milk-rice) and took a short nap (1/2 hour). At 7:30 PM I got Aurora out, tested the air pressure at the rear tire and hit the road (metaphorically, I didn't crash! ;-). Before I got out there came a "wonderful" mom remark: "Don't you think you drive a bit too often?" Me: "huh?" Her:"Well, with your knee, not that you stress it too much." Me: rolling my eyes. I bet you, that her next remark will be that I'm fat and should lose some weight!

"Ouch, ouch, ouch" were my thoughts over the first few minutes since I still had saddle soreness from Mondays ride. After that everything went pretty well, even the climbs seemed a little easier than on Monday (at least with hindsight, not when I was pedaling!). There were more cyclists and inline skaters out than on Monday, mostly they drove in the other direction so I couldn't really compare. But one cyclist drove in my direction, read "drove by really fast". He was way faster than me. I wailed in my mind: "I want to be that fast tooooooo" and Elliott wailed right with me. LoL.
In any case I had the impression that I was a little faster than Monday but I'm not sure, since I don't have the exact distance and there are traffic lights along the way.
So here are yesterdays stats:
Distance: approx. 25k
time: 1:30:33 hrs.
in zone: 1:11:21 hrs. (definitely better than Monday)
HR: 144 bpm (also better than Monday)
I think this is a combination of a slight training effect and the recovery.

Today I took my bike to class for two reasons:
1) I'm moving and therefore burning the bad carbs
2) I can drive to the BDO right after class and don't need to get home first.

Tonight I might be riding again, but I will decide upon it depending on how I feel about it.

Okay, okay, so KK is "just" training for an Ironman, but when I read that she started out with Triathlon training 9 years ago, I started thinking about my longtime tri-plan. Initially I had planned to do Challenge Roth (Ironman distance) in 2013 and Ironman Hawaii in 2017, at least that was my plan before the knee issue and I knew that I won't buy a roadie in 2010. At the moment I haven't changed the Hawaii plan (yet), but Challenge Roth is bound to be shifted to 2014. I think I will make those decisions next year, when I know how my knee behaves and I have done my first triathlons.

For the moment I just want to gain general fitness and get a job, ah, make that a job and general fitness.

And you know what?! KK's training rides have nothing on this girl: Dirt Diva aka Catra. She runs 100's. No, not metres or kilometres, she runs 100 mile races!! And I only finished a half marathon which led me to walk down the stairs backwards for 3 days in 2008. I felt so badass back then and that's only 13 miles! *Ouhhh, hang my head in shame.*

To close this post a nice quote from "The triathlete's guide to mental training":
"I guess you can get muscle biopsies and that crap, but desire will always be the most important thing" Jimmy Riccitello, former pro triathlete (p. 28)



  1. There will always be someone faster than you in a race. Try not to think about it. There will always, ALWAYS be someone going further, faster, harder, stronger, smoother, WHATEVER than you in training. Try not to think about it. Whatever your plan is, stick to that. Don't measure progress daily because there are so many ups and downs. Just do the work, record it, and move on to the next workout. Every now and then look back, and you will be astonished at how far you come.

  2. That's a nice ride, glad you are still at it.

    Oh, and ditto on what Keith says.

  3. OK, you need to STOP comparing to others and getting down about it, you are still injured with your knee, you havent been able to train like you wanted to because of it, you will get there, it takes time, remember, everyone start with one step and build from there. just keep miving forward.