Wednesday, 16 June 2010

And there I was thinking

that I live in a safe town. I don't know if you have heard about this hostage situation in Leipzig yesterday. I'm still shocked, I mean something happening like this in New York or even Berlin okay, but in Leipzig?!!! At 1 PM I walked over the market and this H&M store is right around the corner, but I didn't have a clue what was happening there. You know what's really embarrassing for the media? The best and fastest updates on this you could find at twitter and not at the websites of local radios or newspapers. The weird thing is we had class just a few hundred meters away. This is really disturbing.

Super Job
Aisshhh, the job at Mercedes motorsport marketing is taken. Darn it. Anyway, Mercedes is big, there are other job/study offers from other companies and there is still the possibility of landing the job at the research fascility where I can build a part of a satellite.

On the sports front
I didn't make my short training ride yesterday evening. No, Elliott didn't talk me into staying. You know those days when you are sleepy as hell? Yesterday I could've taken a nap every 25 minutes or so. So I decided to better not drive my bike in this condition. Instead I went to bed pretty early. I was even too tired to read in my mental training book! This also made me realize, when I'm already tired I eat food that makes me even more tired, read carbs! I had icecream and chocolate waffles galore yesterday. Dang. Okay, now that I know that I can hold against it the next time.

In any case I realized on Monday, that I need to take some water with me on my "long" training rides. "Long", hah, when I read KKs last blogposts my jaw dropped. I call 15,5 miles long when she does 90 miles rides for training. Elliott took his chance to beat on my self confidence: "She does 90 m rides and you gloat about 15 m?! You're so pathetic!" "Oh, shut it, Elliott. She's done an Ironman and I'm just starting out, there is supposed to be a difference between the training distances and intensity."
So after todays appointment at my hairstylist, prepping me for the assessment center, I'll buy a bottleholder at the BDO and attach it to Aurora. Good thing I still have some money of my tribudget left for this month. Yes, I opened the tri-account Monday.
And since I had a day of rest, I'll do another 25k tonight. With water this time;-)

Off to read in my mental training book. Cheers.



  1. Everyone starts somewhere, wont be long that you will be say "15.5 is too short"

  2. Agreed with BDD. 15 miles was long for me when I started 9 years ago. And, ahem, I haven't DONE an IM, am in the process of training for one :).

    Had no idea about the hostage situation-yikess! But I often find out news on FB before I ever hear it from a "reputable" source. We're in the age of social media!

    Loved the comment "better not drive my bike in this condition." So true-best to listen to your body.