Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Castle and "supportive" Mom

Good Evening.

So, since Big Daddy asked here is a picture of the baroque castle (it's not me who named it a castle!!) of Wiederau from Wikipedia:


Today and tomorrow I prepare myself for the assessment center on Thursday, so no big posts until Thursday evening or Friday.

My Mom is her usual "supportive" self.
(The drip, drip, drip you hear is my sarcasm.)

When I told her that I prepare myself for the assessment center she asked: "Are you afraid of this?" Read: "Don't know why you do that, it's not as if you stand a chance against your competitors".
So I told her calmly that it's important to me and that I really want this job (a new one, even better than the former super job) at Mercedes and therefore give my best and start prepared in this assessement.

She answered: "Yes San, but there are a lot of others, who applied for this job too and only one can get it." Read: "You have no chance to get this job, you simply aren't good enough to work at Mercedes, because everyone else is better than you."

Then she said "Hold back on telling about this triathlon stuff or they might think that you get injured often and are often on sickleave". I answered that triathlon isn't skydiving, which brings us to her bomb: "It's just showing-off and not anything real anyway!"

At this point I put the shrinks advice from my map-finding to work and just turned around and went to my room without saying another word. Success in altering my behaviour! Hehe.

How dare she?!
I know that there is a chance that I don't get the Mercedes job, I'm not stupid. But I am good in my job, I know I could rock it at Mercedes and when I go prepared to the assessment center I have good chance for this or another cool job!

How dare she say that triathlon for me is nothing more than showing off?

Okay, so I'm still at base training and had to step down from the marathon again, so what?! I have a goal and I work toward it, it might take a few years or even a decade, but I will get there eventually.


That's it for today. Preparations going on and on and on and on an...

KEEP MOVING FORWARD and make your dreams come true, only you can do it!!!


  1. It's unfortunate that she thinks that way...any steps to push your boundaries and improve your life should be lauded, no matter what happens (ie being able to do the marathon or not). Your enthusiasm is infectious and it's too bad she can't see how happy your dreams make you!

  2. thanks for the picture

    NOW, I just sat straight up in my chair and literally went "WHOA WHOA WHOAAAAA", OK this sport is not about showing off, its about doing something that is not easy, proving something to yourself, pushing your self to extremely past your comfort zone and achieving the ultimate reward of crossing a finish line. You know what, this will just fuel your fire, another log on it to finish your goal. If I were you I would sign up for a late season sprint triathlon. Something around 400m pool swim, 20k bike, 5k run, do it, who care if you have to walk the 5k, I have to walk in races, its still racing, and your still a triathlete when you cross the finishline. Seriously, think about it, I wish I lived closer, I would have you ready for on in 8-12 weeks. Wow, I am on my soap box now.

  3. Aww, thank you! You two are so sweet.

    It took me a second to get the "soap box", my first reaction to it was: "Hä?"

    Sprint triathlon, mmmh, good idea. I'll have a look for some races near me after the assessment center is done.

  4. hahaha. Loving support, nothing better.

    I'm sure your mom has some deep internal fears that come out as negative. I knew a guy's dad who was like that, among others.

    One of my philosophy is "Someone's going to get the job, why not me?"

    Or "others can do triathlons, why not me?"

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained and tune out your mom. (I'm sure she means well in her own way). But your the new and improved version.

    Good luck.