Sunday, 20 June 2010

50 k under the motto - Where the hell are we now?

Yes, you've read right, Chris and I rode approx 50k today!!!

We met 11 PM and then, after stating my goal of a ride of at least 30 k, decided to drive to the Zwenkauer See (Lake Zwenkau). Unfortunately the signs weren't that well put, so we got lost quite a few times. (Good thing, cause making more k and more fun!) In any case we succeeded in finding the lake, which isn't completely filled with water yet, as you can see in this picture:

When we got to another cycle sign post and we had the choice to ride to Zwenkau, we were exited to learn that there is baroque castle near (5,6 k), at this time we already had approx 18 k in our legs. We thought what the heck and drove to the baroque castle.

Me on the way. The weather was cloudy, but while it was warm, the wind was quite chilly. At the baroque castle we stopped for a few pictures. Here am I with Aurora in front of the entrance:

After that we finally took the cyclists map out and decided upon our way back. We made a few more picture stops, because:

(all pictures by Chris)

On the way we granted ourselves some icecream (I had cookie dough and chocolate) and got back about 4 1/2 hours after we started. My parents already thought we had an accident, since we were never riding this long before.

So here are todays stats, which aren't that accurate, because I sometimes forgot to stop it or get it going again. (Whoops)
distance: approx. 50k
time: 4:17:55 hrs
in zone: 1:18:45 hrs. (pretty bad, but who cares? We've had some wonderful 5 hours)
HR: 113 bpm

On the job front:
You don't have to worry anymore that there will be a satellite falling on your head in a few years, I got the "no" from the research fascility today. (Who in his right mind is writing such an email on a Sunday noon? A physicist, obviously.)

Off to write another application. Hope all of you had a wonderful race and training weekend. Have a good start in the new week.



  1. Awesome job! Sometimes those accidentally long rides are the best for the adventure they make. Well done!

  2. Do you have more pics of the castle, I love castles.