Sunday, 13 June 2010

Stats + Bike Pictures

Good Evening.

I'm proud to anounce that I rode approx. 25k today, in two rides (10k, 15k). For the second ride, my training ride alone since Chris was sick, which I did around the good ol' Markkleeberger See, I took my Polar with me. So here are my stats:
Time: 1:03 hrs. (seems like Chris and I are really slow when we ride together)
In Zone: 48:32 minutes (awesome)
Average Heartrate: 140 bpm (wohoo)

I've also decided to organize my sport background new. Meaning I'll open a new account tomorrow (with nearly no money in it, ahem) that is only for trirelated stuff such as bike parts and repair, my future roadie, other training gear, starting fees, tests, training and so on. And I will appoint a certain amount of my income to it. This way I have a budget and this helps to keep me motivated too. Until now it was much more random. I didn't really plan ahead. This changes now. Next expenditures in this order: gear shift repair and chain switch, a bike computer (nothing fancy just the distance), helmet.

My plan for this year is quite easy: getting rid of my fat, getting as much kilometers into my legs as possible and go swimming at least once a month. This all shouldn't be too hard.

Yesterday evening I did incorporate push ups into my strength drills. Funnily my weakest muscles weren't in my upper arms but in my lower arms. Totally weird. I have sore chest muscles now, but my lower arms seem to be alright. Meaning there are no muscles to hurt?!

So, my training plan for the next week is, strength drills every day and as much cycling as possible. (Whoa, what a scientific plan, I should become a coach. LoL)

Okay, the promised Bike Porn:

My future helmet from Specialized. I think it was called Echelon. And it's the only one that fits my weird headshape.

A good reminder where I want to go and relatively inexpensive with only 800€. Sadly they are too big for me. Frame size 53 cm, I need 48 cm.

And now a bike that fits my needs, at least when I look at the size and not the price.

The price is OUCH.

Well, after I set my budget today, I will have to wait and save up at least another year until I can afford even a cheap roadie. Anyhow, it's good to know where I'm heading and how long it's going to take.

I hope all of you had an equally inspiring weekend. Can't wait to read your reports.



  1. Love the BMC stuff bit's definitely expensive. My LBS started carrying it here in California and it's starting to catch on in the US a bit.

    Cool post. Always good to see a plan in the works.

  2. Nice job on the rides!!! Sounds like you have a great plan :-)

  3. BMC are NICE!!! Custom made in Swizterland, I can only drool and dream, they are more expensive then that in the states.