Thursday, 3 June 2010

Korean style lunch with "photoshoped" Picture


today I took some wonderful, delicious, fantastic, yummy, extremely well tasting lunch with me to class.

See here:

The colors are saturated and it drifts into sharpness. I played a bit with iPhoto 2009. I like it.

Back to the lunch. I used the quinoa which I had prepared yesterday evening (I've got enough left for another salad tomorrow). Then I cut the remaining radish, bell pepper, apple and cheese, added some freshly cut tomatoes and stirred it with a tablespoon. Done. No spices or dressing. I put all of it into my new blue lunch box and topped it of with few rolled eggs. Perfect size indeed.

When I ate it around 1PM, the tastes of the veggies and fruit had merged with the quinoa. And let me tell you again it tasted fantastic. Healthy and really sating, just how food should be. Loved it.

Tomorrow I'll use different veggies and cheese. And since it's Friday it's farmers market, so I'll get some fresh produce for the weekend. Which will have fabulous weather and that I will enjoy at a special place. More about it on Sunday.

The neutralizing baths seem to work, so I'll keep going for the next days. To get the detox going and finally lose some weight.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.



  1. Cool pic, I like it!

    ...and I love Quinoa!

  2. Is it weird that every time i venture over here i end up getting up to go make something to eat? Your culinary creativity is brilliant! And the photos help too.