Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New Day Resolution - No meal skipping anymore!

Did you watch it on the news yesterday? Hell froze over! The reason was sadly not that BP finally succeeded in plugging their oil gusher, but me shopping and buying a skirt. I never wore skirts (or sandals) because I felt vulnerable in them. I still do, but as with blouses I think it all comes down to training. So the more I wear them, the more comfortable I will feel in them. I started out with sandals today, since I want my legs to look a bit less cheesy when I wear the skirt. (Tanning lotion!)

This is the first skirt I tried on (in a decade) to see what style works for me. Funnily it looks better in the picture than in real life, so I didn't buy this one. (I was really surprised when I looked at this picture in the evening. The camera and my self perception both lie.) I definitely don't like this frilly and floral stuff on me, I stick to the classics when it comes to clothes. Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn are my style inspiration.

In the end I bought this black, slightly shorter and more classic skirt and I will wear it.

But I probably won't wear it with this t-shirt.

Anyway, over the last few days I noticed a trend with my eating habits, which is quite counterproductive in my quest to get rid of body fat and getting fit. I tend to skip dinner, only to eat uncontrollably afterwards. This isn't good for my glands and my bowels, but good for my body fat (it gets more food).

So todays resolutions are:
A) No more meal skipping: I'll eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. No more snacking in between.
B) Finishing tasks.

On B, I'm really scatterbrained lately, I can't seem to finish the tasks I started in one go. This consumes way too much time and energy that I need for other stuff, so I'll concentrate on finishing tasks in one go.

Those two are quite challenging, so I'll keep working on them for the next weeks.

Except for that I do my strength drills and enjoy the sunny and warm weather (ca. 80° the last two days). Tonight I'll meet with my fellow runner and hawaiian room mate D. What a fun week!



  1. You look adorable in both skirts!!!

    Definitely no meal skipping - you mess your metabolism up and it definitely leads to binge eating!

  2. I think you look nice in both of them.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment!

    Love your outfits! My skirt scoop... if I'm not in athletic workout clothes, I live in them! They are way cuter than shorts in every sense of the word and I have a few skirts that have built in mesh shorts underneath (so sort of like a running skirt, but styled as active street wear). I love dresses too!

    Yes, no skipping meals... you'll be a better athlete for it. :-)

  4. The black skirt suites you so well! And it could work if the t-shirt was -say- white. Lovely!