Monday, 14 June 2010

Let me introduce you to "Elliott", he is

my Dragon. He was a lazy, untamed and slightly fearful dragon all my life, trained by my parents. He guards the door to my subconsciousness, unfortunately he does this sometimes too well and doesn't really like to change the believes I hold in me and my abilities, that he had put into this dark and deep cave. At the moment he is slightly disturbed, because I'm nudging him to change those believes that had been holding me back. As you can see in the picture he's quite afraid of those changes:

(yes, it's photoshoped)

Today Elliott and I had another quarrel. While we both agree that an afternoon nap is pure bliss, I wanted to train afterwards, but not Elliott. "Ah, no, we did ride 25 k yesterday and you still have sore chest muscles. And your metabolism is down and won't there be dogs! You really don't have to do it every day, let's just call it recovery day!" "No Elliott, I said I would drive 25 k today and I will do so. I thought we had discussed this. We both want me to look lean and chic. And you, me and the body want to be healthy and fit. Therefore we do this. We had our nap, now we take Aurora and go for a ride!"

Well, I succeeded in getting Aurora out and go for the ride. But Elliott didn't stop nagging! First my behind hurt from yesterdays ride, so Elliott complained about that, as this didn't make me give up he complained that the rear tire doesn't have enough air, I drove on, next was my right quad, then he told me that I felt a lot better yesterday and if we shouldn't just do one round, I said no, we do two, then he complained about the climbs and so on. I succeeded in the end, we drove two rounds I made the full 25k, even though I had to really push me and Elliott and my body to get through it. When I got home I was finished. I had no strength left. Elliott sits now in his corner and pouts. When I told him that he gets a nice chocolate proteinshake he just turned around and stared out of the window. Such a kid.

So here are todays stats, worse than yesterday but still it surprised me that it only took me half an hour longer for 9 k:
distance: 25 k = 15.53 m (it looks so short in miles)
time: 1:31:42 hrs
in zone: 1:07:25 hrs (could be better, but those climbs were hard today)
HR: 133 bpm

Before I get on my next ride tomorrow (a short one. Elliott just gave me a mean shoulder glance, LoL), I will get more air into my rear tire.

And just for the giggles, Elliott sees RED:

This happened when I forgot to turn the flash off. No photoshopping, whatsoever.

Have a good nights sleep and a great new day. ROCK IT!!!



  1. Most people think that training your body is the hard part about getting in shape. It's not. It's training your mind. Your body will, within limits, do what you tell it to do. It will whine and struggle and complain and try to weasel out of it, but in the end the mind will win.

    But training the mind means building habits. It means thinking differently. It means throwing out what doesn't work, and going with what does, even if it's hard. It means choosing your priorities carefully so that you can fully commit to them. The reason most people fail to achieve their goals is that they are afraid they will achieve them. And then what will they do?

    I tell people that want into better shape that the first thing they need to do is build the habit of being active. I tell them that for the first month all they need to do is go for a walk. Every day without fail. Every day regardless of the weather. It doesn't matter what time of day, but it has to be every day for a month. At first the time and the distance mean nothing. Just walk. All they are doing is building the habit of going for a walk and getting their blood moving. Only then do I suggest they start walking a bit further and faster. Then there will be one day when you aren't sure you want to go, and your habit will drag you out the door.

    Clearly you are in better shape than that. But stick with pushing Elliot. (What a great concept, by the way.) Remind yourself as often as necessary that you are in charge, not him.

  2. I think your way of thinking, keep it up