Friday, 11 June 2010

Taste Bud Adventures - cold Springrolls

Totally easy and fast and yummy and healthy and got to take for lunch the next day.

lentils or quinoa
Some dip or pesto or dressing
Vegetables that you don't need to cook (I used carrots, tomatoes, radish and a pear)
Rice paper

Cook the lentils/quinoa and let it cool down. While this cooks, clean your veggies and cut them into sticks or cubes.
Now get find a bowl or dish which is big enough to soak the whole sheet of ricepaper in without breaking the ricepaper.
When you have everything ready (including the lentils/quinoa) soak the ricepaper for approx. 1 min until it's smooth enough. Now place it on a dish and fill it with the stuff you like, fold it and start with the next. Until you run out of veggies.

Now, you can eat. Enjoy.

If you nead an exact folding technique look at My New Roots. There you find also a lot more delicious and healthy recipes. Especially for a nice pesto.



  1. Now I know what I am making tomorrow. My wife will love these...

  2. mhmmm, that looks so fucking good