Thursday, 25 March 2010

Yesterdays lunch

Really tasty and quite healthy. Unfortunately I ate some sweets too. I somehow needed it. But I kind of made up for it with a nice salad with hemp- and flaxseed for dinner.

Right before lunch I sat at the stairs before Leipzigs Opera and tried to draw. Well, Vincent van Gogh and I have something in common, the struggle with perspective at the beginning of our artists career. He learned it from a book eventually and so will I. Tomorrow I have fashion drawing class and I can hardly wait.

Well, it seems like the knee "pain" from Tuesday was due to Mondays walking. Cycling is obviously fine. So I used my bike to get to class today again, since we've got perfect spring weather. SUNSHINE. *Happy sigh* I took some nice pics this morning which I will post in one of the upcoming posts.

I wrote my application blogpost yesterday evening, which took slightly longer than I anticipated. So I will reread it today and then send out the application.


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