Friday, 5 March 2010

Weird but funny Dreams

Hello Schnuckiputzies! (Oooh, I'm in the mood for ridiculous names! LOL.)

This morning I had two really weird dreams and one of them I remember fully. So I thought I tell ya and practice my story telling...

The first dream, I don't remember everything of it.

Jude Law was Werner von Siemens, but had the same beard and hairstyle like the Sheriff Clay Wheeler in "Did you hear about the Morgans?". He sat on a bench in a laboratory next to Robert Downey Jr., who looked a lot older, but I don't remember who he was. And they were obviously old friends. The laboratory looked a bit like a small old college (Cambrigde, Oxford?) laboratory at the end of the 19th century would have looked like and they both wore the fitting clothes for it, think "Sherlock Holmes" here. They were watching a demonstration of a chemical experiment and talking about it. And that's about it what I remember from it.

The following dream was really weird.

Starring Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom.

They were both warriors, adorned in clothes and with swords which looked a lot like the stuff from "Xena: warrior princess". Orlando was flat on his back, obviously wounded from a sword battle. The battle field looked like a mixture of the battle field in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and the bottom of the Colosseum in "Jumper". Green pasture, some rocks a bit unlevel.

Keira kneeled down next to him and said: "You know that I can't stay, don't you?" "Yes" And then: big movie screen kiss.... While they're snogging I can see her hand raising a small dagger. The hilt is made of copper and the blade is obviously steel and slender.

The music (strings, what else!) rises and she stabs him!!

In the left shoulder.

The weird part. As you know there was a sword battle, think "Lord of the Rings" final battle here. But what she uses the dagger for, is to extract what seems to be a bullet. Emphasis on seems, because what she extracts isn't a bullet but an enormous lychee pit!!

And then I woke up!

I told ya, I have the weirdest dreams ever. And I obviously watch to many movies. *snicker*

Ever had weird dreams like this?


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  1. I love doing dream interpretation. Hold onto your hat, this is likely to be a wild ride.

    First dream:
    The chemical experiment is an analogue for pregnancy. You have a thing for older, respectable men and fear that you will be offered a choice that you can't choose between.

    Second dream:
    If you were male there would be obvious castration overtones to this dream. Since almost all women see their man as a lifetime work in progress, this is dreaming to practice something you'll be doing in the future. That is, distracting the guy, while doing things to him that are for is own good, even if he doesn't realize it. I mean, what woman wants a man with a lychee pit lodged in his shoulder? Perhaps this is evidence that you are high maintenance, and have high standards for your guy, who you might or might not have met yet. The metallic makeup of the knife is interesting. Copper is a soft mallable metal, while steel is much stronger. Perhaps this is suggesting that you are strong and sharp as steel at your core, while being surrounded or disguising it with decorative elements on the outside. Perhaps you are looking for the courage to find, and use your inner self in more forthright ways.

    I have some strange dreams too. In some of them, I visit the same places again, and recognize where and when I am. It's like watching a movie short chunks at a time, over different nights, and yet still being able to recognize that it's still the same movie.