Monday, 29 March 2010

No good news - edit

66,6 kg - I didn't have any need to check the other stats after seeing this.
And look what I found here:

My knee is acting up since yesterday noon. All due to some walking to the big supermarket on Saturday. The distance combined was just 4 (four!!) k for chrissakes. This is nowhere near my normal walking distances. Looking as it is, even the 10k is in jeopardy. Since it rains today, no cycling either. In any case I'll do my new favourite Monday thing today again, going to my doc to see if my MRI results are there. Wanna bet if they are finally there?

Other than that I had a nice weekend. Fashion drawing workshop. Which was fun and I learned a lot, as soon as I get my designs scanned I'll post them in my style blog. It was also the right time, because the coach had worked in the fashion industry and could give me a few ideas for my current applications. The first one I send out this morning, the next one I'll finish tonight. Saturday evening Chris and I indulged in a french cheese dinner. Pure bliss. And yesterday I archived my films properly and finished the first application and prepared two others.

edit: Just out of frustration of this weight disaster, yes disaster, I've decided to get back on the eating habits that work best for me: Paleo and raw food combined.
My mom will probably go ballistic over this, but I can't help it.
In the last few months I got into a totally unhealthy rut mostly due to my mom (oh San, I've bought Germknödel, now eat it. Germknödel is made of flour, water, yeast and sugar, any questions?!), when it comes to eating. Leading to weight gain instead of loss. (And my Mom stands there telling me I got fat and in the next moment she offers me food!)

I hereby declare the battle against my excess body fat and starchy foods = fast carbs as opened. New food rule, I'll eat as raw and as healthy as possible. This includes my proteinshakes but excludes: sweets, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes and chewing gum.

After the trip to my doc I'll get some sprouts at the asia shop and at home I'll get my lovely blender out. Berry/banana/nut shake and sprout/lettuce salad for Dinner here I come. Lunch was 2 cooked eggs, 2 red bell peppers, radish.

That's it, have a good start in this week.

Welcome to Ken L as a new reader. Glad you're here.

Keep moving forward!


  1. Good luck on the declaration of battle.

  2. Take care of the knee. Listen to it and take the rest if you need it. If your weight has been going up that might be one reason your knee is creaky.