Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Watch out at traffic lights...

or you might get run over. I had green (walk) and the cars red yesterday afternoon, so they should've stopped. Even if it's just a pedestrian traffic light, red means STOP. Or so I thought. Obviously this doesn't apply to Mercedes drivers. (Hear my snarling voice!!!)
If my guardian angel would have been off duty yesterday afternoon I might have been killed or at least seriously injured.
For chrissakes, that bonehead didn't even slow down at the stop light, he went through full throttle. Which had me confused for a second, thinking I was supposed to stop. But no, it was his red light. A**HOLE!!!

I was at my practitioner yesterday afternoon but unfortunately the results from my MRI weren't in. So I'll have to call again later this week. *grumble*

When I got home my new book was already delivered. Gawd bless Amazon and youtube and the internet as a whole. Because after half an hour of digging I finally found out the author and title of two books which I had read a few years ago. And while I remembered the stories pretty well, I had totally forgotten the essential info to find them again. If you liked Dan Brown's "DaVinci Code", then give Matilde Asensi's "The last Cato" a try. I enjoyed it immensely. In fact I wanted to go to my bookstore today and get myself a copy.

BUT there are two reasons why I won't do so. First reason: I haven't finished "The Red Book" or "the Black Swan" or "Collider" (yep I read all three of them, crazy I know!) and not even started out on "the essential Rumi" and "The ascent of money". I want to finish them before I get another book. Second reason: Remember the Disney quote at the end of my posts?! Keep moving forward. Well, this applies also to books! While it's nice to revisit old friends, it's also important to make new ones and broaden my horizon, this goes for the real life and also for fiction. And I've revisited countless old friends (fictional and real) in the last months, time to move on!

In any case I've decided that Winter is OVER!!! Which means I'm wearing my Spring and Summer shoes from now on, whatever the weather is like. Today I'm wearing my Converse, even though it's just 0° C =32° F, I don't give a damn. This Winter lasted way too long, it's time for Spring. This afternoon, I'll switch jackets and shirts too. I can't stand my turtlenecks anymore. Black or any other colour, I'm not Steve Jobs! Since Chris and I will go shopping tomorrow before we go to watch "The men who stare at goats", I'll see if I can get some nice shirts for Spring. It's about time....


Enjoy this wonderful Spring day, no matter what the weather looks like. After all, that's what imagination is for!!!


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