Friday, 19 March 2010


Three seems to be my bad luck number. Wednesday No, Thursday No, Friday No.

The Wednesday No came from Düsseldorf and was a nice No. Perfectly fine with me.

Thursday No: Well, would you believe it, it was Little Town! Not that I wanted that job anyway. But guess what, they just said in their email that they destroyed my application data. (Which they are supposed to do!) So I got back to them, to testify that they had decided for another candidate. And you know WHAT THEY ANSWERED? That they already said so in a letter on February 8th. HA. Guess what, I never got that information, which I told them. Well, this job would have been a waste of time anyway and I don't like to run my head in on walls!!! So I'm fine with it and glad that it came to an end.

Todays No: Munich. :( Oh well, it isn't that bad and I'd probably have been bored after a few months time and the payment wasn't that high either and it wasn't really an engineers job too. Still, I would've liked the environment. What's positive, they kept their word, they told me today. Not like that wretched Little Town. Still, I'm a bit down. (To put it mildly.)

Okay, so this means APPLICATION WEEKEND! Wohoo. (Snarling voice!) Well at least I know now, that my "wild" applications work to my advantage. (I even had it confirmed yesterday by a HR specialist, that my "wild" applications are a good thing!) My week point is the interview, but I have an idea how to fix that problem. An interview training! I knew about that option for some time, but I hadn't come into my own with the written stuff so I postponed it.

As funny as it seems, but I think this was my low point. There are no open applications anymore and I think that I finally mastered the written part now (for german applications). Now I have to work on my interview skills and really look for the companies and jobs that fit my skills and personality and quirks. Time to put in some work. Until now it was more or less randomized.

On the training front.
I'll go swimming tomorrow, since my knee is still off. Funny thing, when I wear heels it's fine, as soon as I wear flats it acts up. Marathon in Heels here I come! ;-P
And I accomplished a real feat today, even though I was down (better mood already :-) I didn't start eating sweets! I'll eat some buckwheat with cherry yogurt and a chopped banana for dinner in a few minutes. I already ate a banana, some slices of hungarian salami and an orange. And even though I had the bread and butter out already I just put it back and resorted to the banana. Slim Dreambody here I come!

So, I'll wish all of you a lovely weekend. Good training and a lot of fun!



  1. Swimming is low impact and can work your whole body, have fun, i would

  2. I sent out 133 targeted resumes before the last one was interviewed and they offered me the position. I seem to have the opposite problem, it's hard for me to get an interview, but my batting average of job offers after interviews is high. In fact, in the last 10 years I can only recall 2 interviews that didn't result in a job offer, and one of them the interviewer hadn't done their homework. All I can say is keep trying. You have to be willing to get through as many no's as it takes to get to a yes. If you know what kind of a job will make you happy, you are far better doing targeted resumes, rather than the random applications.