Thursday, 4 March 2010

My morning & Siemens Magnetom Symphony

4:00 AM Waking up, one look at clock, closing the window, turning on the heating in the bathroom, snuggling back beneath the warm covers

4:10 AM quick look at clock, turning the alarm off, snuggling deeper in the warmth

4:20 AM quick look at clock, turning over

4:32 AM quick look at clock, turning on the lamp on my nightstand, getting up and in the kitchen, filling the kettle and switching it on

4:35 AM damn, where is the bloody protein shake powder?

4:36 AM found it! in my room, whoops, getting the protein shake ready and the Blue Garden Tea out and into the tea strainer

4:37 AM pouring the water over the tea, cleaning my tongue

4:41 AM off to the bathroom with the protein shake in one hand and my clothes in the other hand

4:42 AM brushing my teeth, followed by other morning cores, while enjoying the first sips of my chocolate protein shake

4:45 AM rushing halfdressed to the kitchen to rescue the tea and back to the bathroom

4:55 AM starting to prepare food and drinks for the day

5:00 AM I need a wide T-shirt without any metall, do I even own something like this?! Oh yeah, my red raceshirt. Starting digging for it which leads to more stuff strewn all over the floor.

5:10 AM Styling time, hair, earrings, bracelet. Mmmh, what pair of shoes?

5:17 AM Aaaahh, I'm running late!!!! Is that a white rabbit looking at his pocket watch?!!!

5:18 AM Bags? Check. Jackets? Check. iPod? Check. Keys? Check. Shoes? Darn it. Running in my room, getting my shoes out, tugging the paper out of them, put them on. HHaaaaarrgggghhhh, wrong socks!!

5:19 AM Racing in my room, grabbing another pair of thinner socks and changing

5:20 AM Grabbing bags, iPod and Starbuck tumbler, turning off the lights and rushing out the door

5:22 AM Arriving at the streetcar station

5:23 AM Boarding streetcar to the city center

5:34 AM Getting off in the city center, everything is still dark and quiet, only a few people and cars are out and about

5:45 AM Arriving at the radiology and waiting with 5 other people for them to open the doors

5:59 AM Called in from waiting room, taking off all metals and trousers, answering a little questionnaire and laying down at the table of the Siemens Magnetom Symphony


6:13 AM Done. Really weird, it sounded as if it was broken, but obviously these are the normal noices!!

6:14 AM Having a quick peek at the pictures. Mmmh, doesn't look like there is a cyst. But mind you, I'm an engineer not a trained radiologist and I have seen them only for a few seconds.

6:25 AM Back on my way home. It's already day and lots of people on their way to work or wherever else.

The results and diagnosis will be send to my doc next week, until then I only know that there is nothing as big as this cyst in the last post. Lucky me.

Today seems to become a bright day, so I'll take some of the store window pictures after class and get them to development.

Luckily I finally got around to write my boring part of the next application yesterday evening. I'll write the fun part (Blog post style in English, its a german company which needs someone with really good English. Which means they need ME, ME, ME!), since the job is Apple related they get a "Think Different"-styled application. A standard cover letter (boring) and a blog post (fun), so they can choose and see how good my English skills are. Ahhh, I'm sooooooo good. ;-)

I hope all of you are well and right on track with your training schedule.


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