Monday, 1 March 2010

I'm doomed

I just realized this morning that I have build not one snowman this winter!!! What the hell happened to my inner child?

Todays weight stats:
weight: 66,1 kg = 145,7 lbs (grrrrrr!)
fat: 30,4%
muscle: 33,9%
water: 50,9%

Well, it's no wonder the amounts of chocolate I ate this weekend....

In any case I have a plan for this month, only this time I won't tell anybody what it is. The reason is, everytime I talk about my ambitious plans, I don't follow them through. In my case you can be sure that if I promise something I will do the exact opposite. Normally shrinks tell you to tell everybody what you plan to do to give you some kind of push that you have to go through with it because you told everyone. It works just the other way around with me. Guess what, I haven't written one application this weekend! This makes me so mad.

So yeah, I've got a plan, but I won't tell ya what it is. I'll you at the end of this month what it was and if I pulled it through.



  1. I built 2 so far, its great therapy, one name was Jorge and the other Cassandra

  2. If you don't dream big, how will you ever know?


  3. Keep plugging away! Make a snowman for me too...we're done with the white stuff for the year.

  4. I always make huge training plans knowing that I'll probably fall short of them so it turns out to be about right. Maybe I should just make normal one and then hit them on target.