Sunday, 28 February 2010

Running 101

Starting out new. Wha???

Finally most of the snow is gone and the track is runnable all the way around. Since I haven't been running properly for almost two months due to snow and ice I'm back to where I was in November when it comes to my fitness. Which means a marathon on April 25th is out of the question. So I set out for a half marathon, where I will hopefully shave off a few minutes of my PR from my first half marathon in 2008, which was around 2:58 hrs. That means I'll lay out a new training plan for me today and will follow it through. (Well, a girl can dream! ;-)

Chris and I met up at the track at 10 this morning. Chris was as always a few minutes late. When I got to the track it was just starting to rain. All through the training it was raining. ;-) The training really showed how much fitness I had lost over the two passed months. But my knee behaved and except for the odd tweak here and there I felt alright though totally unfit. Funnily enough, I see blue sky now! *grumble*

Todays stats:
t: 1:09 hrs
iz: 46:22 min
HR: 138 bpm

I'm pretty pleased that I stayed for so long in my zone. And the track felt marvelous, Chris and I love to run there.

By the way I was wearing these:

When I prepared my shoe series for my tomboy to woman blog yesterday I took them out of their winter hiding place. Today I thought it would be a good thing to wear them for the track training. And it was such a good idea. In my opinion they are the best running shoes ever. I LOVE them.

Well that's it for today. Enjoy your Sunday, hopefully with sun. I'll write applications, yuk.


PS: If you want to know how a double exposure looks like (pretty cool if I might say so) have a look at my the man-made project blog.


  1. Keep on with that half marathon training plan. If you can dream it, you can do it.

  2. Losing fitness is so hard-but the upside is how happy you get when you gain it back. Glad the snow and ice is melting. This winter business is for the birds...

  3. New goal sounds good - go get 'em!!!