Friday, 19 February 2010

YOU'VE GOTTA SEE THESE!!!! (picture post)

My first lomographies! The best of two films! Enjoy!

Tuesday evening at Leipzigs trade fair!

What might this be?!

This is what the fisheye does. I thought that I was taking a picture of Leipzigs main station, but you only only see it on the upper end of the picture. Well, my shadow is more beautiful anyway, right? Right!

My class, I messed up todays test. Whoops.

The view from our class room.

This chain goes right around a monument in front of the main station. Strange, huh?

This shadow thing is really funny. See it?!

The column at the side of St. Nikolai in memory of the Monday Demonstrations of 1989 which led to the German Reunion. History folks. We lived right through it.

St. Nikolai from the side.

Leipzig has a lot of passages in the town, this is a column in one of them.

Leuschner Square, you see the tower of the new town hall center right. The keyhole building on the right was a bowling and billiard hall, built in the late 1980ies (yeah, we've got cool buildings in the GDR too). The bowling alleys are underground. Unfortunately nobody operates it anymore. Even though the location is perfect, smack down in the middle of the town. Well, obviously nobody has a vision for it (and the needed money). So sad.

A fountain at Leuschner Square.

My motor bike boots in the streetcar.

Broken window at the stairway in an office building. Only the outer pane is broken. (You have to love double pane windows for that. They also isolate pretty well, when both panes a intact.)

One of the open passages. The Ritter (knights) Passage looking to the main station.

In fact I'm totally crazy about lomography.
Chris said it's like I'm on drugs since Tuesday. I assure you I'm not, I just happen to have a tremendous amount of fun shootin' pics. I bought 6 films on Tuesday noon, the sixth film is in my Lomo yet. I'll get 2 other films back tomorrow and will give one into development. I bought another six films today, so to get through the weekend.

I always liked photography, it just seems that I never had the right kind of camera. Because I never got the pictures I wanted, I was frustrated to no end, so I stopped shooting. I got back a little to it through my digital ixus my blogs. And now I'm back full throttle through my Lomo fisheye2. So I'll definitely buy a second hand LOMO LC-A in March.

I just LOVE IT.

Tomorrow I'll walk into the city and on Sunday I'll go running. The snow is finally thawing.


PS. I'll put up a new blog for my photography this weekend, so I won't pester you with this topic anymore. Just a few pics now and then.

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