Friday, 5 February 2010



Feeling even better today, though I feel like I gained even more fat, but anyway I FEEL better.

The sidewalks are still problematic so I wasn't at the speed training yesterday, BUT I marched home. That makes 5k plus 130 stairs for yesterday. Not bad I might say. Oh and I ate a chocolate iced donut that was even better than the Boston Cream!!!

Today I took 195 stairs, walked approximately 2 k and had a strawberry milkshake for lunch. Much more importantly I withstood my urge and the temptation to buy myself: a new game for my Nintendo DS, a wallet with zebra-stripes, a purse and some skin care products I don't need. Did you notice something weird? There are no shoes on this list. No, I didn't buy myself a pair. What I meant to say is, that there are literally no shoes out there for which I'd get weak and had to buy. This is abnormal for me. I never had problems to find new shoes that I wanted!!!

Okay, let's get to the absolutely best thing of today and this week so far (yes, it's better than donuts and reading comics). Ready?!

My team and me delivered the best project presentation in class today!!

In fact I did the creative part, the "artwork" aka I made the slides (all teammembers presented). And this was recognized!!!! We got the full 25 points and the coach said it was also because of my creative way to present the bare facts (thermal and efficiency calculations), that it made this presentation enjoyable, interesting and understandable for a prospective buyer of a solar heating system!!! *happy sigh*

To make it a full round, I did enjoy to make this presentation tremendously. And to have it recognized as the best.... Aaaaahhhhh, this feels sooooooooooooooo dang gooooooooooood!

The solar heating system (standalone without photovoltaic system) wasn't economic (34 years of amortization compared to 25 years of usage), but it's good for our environment (no emissions, renewable and free energy). So the last slide consisted of the question: What do you want to do?

and this picture:

I've got it from, it's called "See No Evil..."
The photostream from ucumari holds tons of interesting animal pictures. She definitely has a way to capture special moments. Like this:

It's called "Proof positive that aliens are among us!"
Makes you smile, doesn't it?

Keep Smiling, while you run!

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