Friday, 26 February 2010

Post 99: No, non, nyet, nein, neeeeee. (edit)

I did send out a job application just yesterday. And guess what, I've already got a 'No' back from them. Argh. After all the hassle for this application (I had to send the pdfs to a friend who put them together in one pdf), they could have at least waited another week to say no.

Oh well, it was a long shot anyway. And aviation isn't really my thing, so what the heck. As I've got 4 more jobs to apply for (from yesterday), it's not as if I run out of possibilities.

And since I've decided to experiment with these applications, there will be at least some fun in it for me. ;-)

(edit) Todays presentation went extremely well. I'm soooo good! And the test result from last week was also a lot better than I thought, so I'll get around 79 of 100 possible points. To celebrate I granted myself a piece of chocolate truffle cake from Starbucks. You know the dark chocolately decadence cake were you can never eat the whole piece in one time!?!

By the way, I changed the comment settings, if you don't have a blog or website you can still comment from now on. And you find my (blog)email adress in my profile from now on, if you want to talk to me and don't want to do it over the comments.


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