Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Winter still

Seems like we don't get rid of the winter that fast. It snows. AGAIN.


So no running.

Anyway, I've made the decision yesterday to buy myself a iBook battery today. Since the old one is REALLY through now and since I don't have the necessary money for a new MacBook at my disposal (and I won't pay in parts), but for a new battery... And my iBook works still just fine.

This get's some of the financial pressure of me and that's definitely a good thing.

Since it's the second Wednesday of the month and therefore admission free day at the museum, I'll go to the Museum of Arts after class. Yep, I'll take some pictures for you.

Okay, yesterdays Mampf Diary:

Chocolate proteine shake, 1 Nashi pear, 1 1/2 apple, 1 doughnut (I can't help it Keith, I just like them), 1 white chocolate cookie, hand full of nuts, 2 grilled fish sandwitches (yummy), 1 hot chocolate, 1 orange

Tea and water all the while. And I walked about 2 k + 130 stairs.

Yesterday I started drawing again, due to massive boredom in class. I even bought myself a book of John Howe, "Forging Dragons" and ordered a book by Richard Taylor, "Learn to draw in a weekend". I even drew a little fire demon in the evening. (I'll post it as soon as I get home.) Friday I'll go to an artists supply with my dad. Can't wait. Since I'll have a drawing class at the end of march, I feel the need to improve my sketching skills. That's one of the reasons for me going to the museum tonight after class.

Keep running!


  1. We got 20 inches in 4 days, totally sucks.

  2. ugh, 40cm? well, in Leipzig you mainly have the slipping problem not the how the hell do I get where i want

  3. Hang in there, Spring just has to be around the corner. Doesn't it?