Thursday, 25 February 2010

Skipping speed training in favor of....

application time.

Sorry guys but I really NEED to get a new job. SOON. I need money and to move in my own flat.

So since I found such lovely job ads today (one of them APPLE related!!!) I just have to get some apps ready.

Especially since I got another "No" today. Though I have to say, that it was the nicest "No" so far. I actually have the feeling, that they read my application carefully and thought it over. A tailored 'No-letter', wow. How lovely. I'm bit sad still, since this would have been a really nice job. Oh well.

The jobs I found today are mostly in Munich


and one in Switzerland.


Sounding great, doesn't it?

On the other side, I was shooting today, because the sun was shining. And believe it or not but I shot 4 films. So I gave 6 films into development, I was 3 times at the drugstore today and probably walked something like 3 to 4 k at least.

And even better, the Man-Made Project is taking off like hell, 2 followers already. I just put this blog up yesterday. Wohoo. Now I have to rain myself in not to post pics like crazy only to run out of steam and good pics in a few weeks or just days.

Now, I have to get back to my applications.


PS: The comments "war" at the last post was hilarious. Like you guys.

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