Wednesday, 17 February 2010

How to get rid of some pounds and

save some bucks, when you work or have class downtown!

I just found the most amazing "new" hobby.
Which is essentially cheap analogue photography, with the most amazing pictures. The focus is to make many fun pictures, not perfect pictures. And while it previously annoyed me to not know if my pics are sharp and interesting, the uncertainty is now part of the fun. In fact my pics will be a great deal different from what I'm used too, since I've got the Lomo Fisheye2, distortion is now part of the game. Here are some lomography pics for you, but without the fisheye.

(bricolage by Kevin Dooley,

"Most photography aims at capturing the special moment or place. Lomography aims at the routine moment or place. The use of film and bad cameras ensures that the image maintains its mundane gestalt. Most of our lives we see scenes like the one above through our eyes--that's what lomography is about." (from Kevin Dooley on flickr)

(Gastown Nighttime Lomography by kk+

But how is this going to save some bucks and get me to shed weight?

Well, instead of browsing the shops in my breaks, I will be out and about looking for interesting angles and pics. Which essentially will get my ass moving, without spending a lot of money. Okay, I have to invest some money in the 35mm films and in the development but that is a lot less money than when I buy a new pair of Jeans, design books (I've spend 50 € on them on Monday) or bags, hats, running clothes.... And what's also exciting about it, there is a big world wide community.

This afternoon Chris and me will go on photo safari. Can't wait. And since the sun shines, when we start out we'll have the most amazing light. Did I tell you that I can't WAIT?!!


Yesterday I went to the nutrition talk of my runners seminar. It was interesting, though I don't agree with everything that Dr. Feil told us. Well in any case I might know now a way to get my connective tissue on a good level and get rid of the cellulite.

And I've got my race shirt. It's in fact my second race shirt ever. It's black and, Tri Diesel will like to read this, from Brooks. Though it's a black mens shirt and that means wide and not very form fitting. Which I consider a good thing at this moment. ;-) And since this shirt is for the Leipzig Marathon, there is a lion on the back (lion is in our coat of arms). I'll take a picture and post it for you.

(Leipzig coat of arms

I took some pics yesterday evening, but since I took them with my lomo you'll have to wait a few days for them. At any rate I can't promise that they turned out well, because I experimented with the lighting time. And it's on my first and second film, so I still have to get used to this and they might be nothing but a big mess. (But that's part of the fun!!!)

Mampf Diary

Monday: chocolate protein shake, 1 ciabatta roll with goats cheese, 1 apple, 1 ciabatta roll with cheese, white fish filet and buttered green peas (yummy), tea and water all through the day

Tuesday: chocolate protein shake, 1 ciabatta roll with goats cheese, 1 piece of cake, 1 apple, 1 ciabatta roll with cheese, white fish filet and buttered green peas, 2 servings of chocolate pudding, tea and water all through the day

Today: chocolate protein shake, later: 1 roll with Teewurst, 1 roll with cheese, 1 radish ball, ?

So this is it for now. I'll keep you posted on the sports front.

Hey, Jenna aka reader No 10. Glad you're following me. Welcome.



  1. Keep moving forward! I really like the Leipzig coat of arms, I bet the shirt is really cool...

  2. When is/was the Leipzig marathon?