Monday, 22 February 2010

Training with crows and nearly raw food

Good Morning.

I hope that you all have enjoyed your weekend. I certainly did. Well, what I did on Saturday, you could read in my previous post, except that I stepped on my scale in the morning. I wasn't exactly happy to see the number (66,5 kg), but it didn't down my mood anyway.

Yesterday I slept in, I got up exactly at noon and I wasn't really amused to see it was snowing (growl), but I didn't let it bother me and made my breakfast and put on my running gear. When I finally went out for my training session it was 1 o'clock and had stopped snowing. I walked fast to the track as warm up. Unfortunately the track wasn't completely free of snow, so I was shuffling/walking down the first straight around the curve and to the end of the second straight turned around and walked a bit to get my heartrate down. While doing this I also gave the crows a workout, since they always flew up when I ran in their direction. So we trained together. *grin*

I did some drills too and made an interesting experience. You know this drill where you run sideways switching your feet from front to back? Well, running to the right wasn't a problem. But when I did it to the left my legs and the mobility part of my brain were totally surprised and didn't know what to do. hahaha.
I really had the feeling that the electric impulses were frantically looking for ways to get where they should be, but oh no there were no paths... (Imagine the looks of pure horror on their faces, ahahahaha.) I nearly fell, because my body wasn't ready for these moves. Well after another normal shuffling "lap" I did this leftsided drill again but this time really slow, to get my body and brain to remember the movements and build the necessary neuro paths.

Yesterdays stats (beware: my watch didn't measure right in the first 15 min)
time: 54:36 min
in Zone: 21:36 min
heartrate: 143 bpm

This morning I walked to school, so I already got 5k for this week. Wohoo. And since this is Monday it's SCAL(R)E DAY:
weight: 64,6 kg
(wohoo, much better than Saturday, though I probably only lost water)
fat: 29,4%
muscles: 34,1%
water: 51,3%

This is was
yesterdays raw meal.

Salad made of Pastileien salad (the green stuff, I don't know the english name), tomatoes, mushrooms, hemp seed, grinded flax seed, spices, olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, aceto balsamico cremoso and grilled salmon (yeah, I know grilled isn't raw, but have you ever tried deep frozen salmon? Not that good.). Yummy.



  1. I dont remember the last time I woke up at noon

  2. That's a good sleep. I'm doing pretty well when I can make it to 7:30.

  3. eating well is key